Family Portraits: Anaïs Oulès

Apr 06, 2022


Family Portraits is an employee spotlight series, highlighting the incredible people at GoPro around the globe. In this series, you’ll meet employees working on teams ranging from Product and Engineering to Legal and Operations, all of whom we’re stoked to call our GoPro Family.

We are pleased to roll out our second edition of Family Portraits, featuring Anaïs (Ah-na-eess) Oulès – a music afficionado and Senior Beta Coordinator at GoPro, specifically working with the GoPro Quik app team. The Quik app is GoPro’s answer to providing the best experience and value for storing, editing and sharing photos and videos on your mobile device—whether they were shot on GoPro or not. And Anaïs is not only an amazing voice for advancing the app within the company, but she also serves as the voice of beta testers who are helping develop and improve the app experience externally.

Anaïs’s journey to GoPro wasn’t traditional in the sense she didn’t find a job listing on the GoPro Careers page, apply and interview. Anaïs was actually working at a video editing company that was acquired by GoPro in 2016. While an acquisition can sometimes be intimidating, Anaïs was excited for a new adventure and said she instantly felt that GoPro was the ideal match to partner with and grow the app she had been working on for nearly three years. “Having an awesome camera is one thing, the challenge is then: What to do with all the cool footage!?” That’s where the Quik app and Anaïs’ team comes into play.

Anaïs works remotely from Bordeaux, a city in France known for its wine region and located one hour from the Atlantic coastline, but her “formal” position is sitting with the Quik mobile app team in Paris. While she frequently works with teams based in the US and Bucharest, Anaïs’s role is largely centered around GoPro users from around the world—nurturing and building relationships with two voluntary beta user groups (iOS + Android). Essentially, Anais is in charge of coordinating feedback sessions and relaying findings to the team for implementation, all with the goal of improving the Quik user experience.

In working with Quik, she says some of the biggest rewards come from the simplest of things: “identifying a bug that has been problematic for our user base and getting it fixed, agreeing with product on priority over a feature on the roadmap, launching a new option that users have been waiting for. When users get back to me to say, ‘Thanks you've helped, the app is awesome!’ that makes me happy.” 

Not only does Anaïs connect with GoPro’s Quik users, she’s a super user herself, having created over 530 edits in Quik, some of which are compilations of her Mural events and others just really awesome one-off adventure recaps

Outside of the app and office, Anaïs has an innate creativeness. She paints, crochets and knits, and above all, Anais is a talented musician, going by the stage name of Haindash. She plays the harp, sings and writes her own music. And don’t be surprised when you find one of her tracks in the Quik app music library—one of her most popular is “Hey You” in the “Love” category.

It’d be a rare day to find Anaïs without a GoPro (or two) in her pocket. She's always capturing footage for her music, internal GoPro hackathon projects, of herself exploring a new spot, and she’s even been known to lend one to her kids’ teacher for school outings.

One of her favorite GoPro captures is a music video filmed in Saint-Emilion during the pandemic – shot from a cloister in the ghost of what is usually a touristy town. Anaïs worked with her husband (also a GoPro employee) to develop some of the unique editing features in the video. 

“I am very proud to be working at GoPro, not only because we make awesome products, but because our company carries strong, positive, respectful values. It's a company that cares and it shows. I'm lucky to be a part of it and to bring my little stone to the great edifice we are building!” 

Anaïs - we are grateful for all you bring to GoPro! 

Interested in joining GoPro or learning more about our remote work philosophy? Check out our Careers Page
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