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Welcome to the Team: Kai Jones

Feb 22, 2022


We are thrilled to welcome 15-year-old phenom Kai Jones to the GoPro Snow team. Hailing from the land of Corbet’s Couloir, Kai caught the eye of the ski world after sending it down the legendary Jackson Hole chute before he hit double digits. Today, we’re excited to have him bring some fresh talent to the GoPro team as he paves the way for what’s next in freeskiing. 

Luckily for us, GoPro was a natural addition early on in Kai’s ski career.

“I have been running a GoPro since I was a little kid, so to be part of such a prominent action sports team is incredible,” says Kai says. (And we’re stoked to have you on board, too!) “I really look forward to hanging with all the incredible riders on the team. [Chris] Benchetler is one of my favorite skiers in the world. I have been skiing his skis my whole life, and I look forward to riding with him more and learning from him.”

In terms of using his camera, Kai’s go-to mounts are the Helmet Mount and Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount when he’s on the mountain and the HERO10 Media Mod when he’s off the mountain doing more day-in-the-life vlogging. And he turns to HERO10 Black to top it all off. 

“I like to shoot in 5K60. It's nice to have the highest resolution for editing,” Kai explains. “On big lines, the GoPro is key to capture the rider POV, but I also like to use it for follow cams and dolly shots. Occasionally, we set up some sophisticated mounts to capture super unique angles.” 

You can check out Kai’s Instagram to see some of the more unique shots he references above.

When he’s not filming, Kai is training. He is seriously the real deal and is full steam ahead on progressing his skiing. He says his focus is on taking some harder doubles to the backcountry and ski mountaineering come spring. 

“Eventually I would like to compete on the Freeride world tour. I am still doing some junior Freeride competitions, but my main focus is on progression and filming,” Kai says. “I also want to keep my grades in the A level. I go this incredible school called Picabo Street Academy, which has really allowed me to focus on being a pro skier as well as get a super good education.”

When he’s not in the snow (or at school), you can still find Kai on the mountains—mountain biking, climbing—you name it, he’s out there!

“My backyard in the Tetons has some of the greatest mountaineering in the world. I am always trying to progress my mountain skills as well as combining climbing and skiing. I also love to skate and surf. I spend as much time as I can training at Woodward and at Windell's in the off season.”

Welcome to the team, Kai! We’re pumped to have you!


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