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Kayak Cameras: Ultimate 2023 GoPro Guide

Mar 21, 2023


Waterfall drops with your kayak camera aren't just thrilling, they are life-changing and, with a waterproof camera along for the ride, your friends get a look at the action from your point of view! The same goes for ocean kayaking, bay cruising and any other non-professional-level paddling adventure.

And of course, your GoPro is your go-to when the going gets wet—as are the right camera accessories.

What Is The Best Action Camera For Kayaking?

Whether it's shredding rapids or gliding across a glassy mountain lake that captivates your kayaking spirit, recording the fun with your GoPro camera is a smart choice. That's because not only is HERO11 Black camera waterproof down to 33 feet, and MAX (360 Camera) down to 16 feet, but GoPro cameras are rugged, dependable and amazingly versatile. Add in features like HyperSmooth video stabilization and up to 8x SloMo for some truly spectacular effects, and the sky's the limit!

Plus, your GoPro is compatible with the entire lineup of GoPro mounts and accessories to help you get the perfect shot whilst protecting it from the ravages of a raging river—as demonstrated by GoPro athlete Dane Jackson as he navigates the Zambezi River in the video below.

What Are The Best Kayaking Camera Accessories?

Protective Housing + Waterproof Case

Your GoPro starts out waterproof and tough, though adding a Protective Housing + Waterproof Case upgrades your GoPro waterproofing from 33 feet down to a full 196 feet. That makes your already-hard-to-destroy camera nearly bulletproof. The housing also keeps your lens protected from unforeseen damage from low-hanging branches, surprise rocks, sand and gravel—just in case you're practicing some sweep rolls.


The Chesty (Camera Body Mount) gives you amazing point-of-view shots while keeping your hands free to paddle. It's adjustable, lightweight and flexible so you'll hardly notice it, and it even fits over drysuits or other protective wear.

Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

The Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount will be your paddle's best friend. It clamps to any 0.35 to 1.4-inch diameter tube, so you can mount it in the middle for POV or near the blade to capture more of the action. It also has a 360° swivel so you can change angles at the push of a button.

Large Tube Mount

Got a bigger paddle? Or maybe you're on a raft? For tubes of 1.4 to 2.5 inches in diameter, use the Large Tube Mount. It has the same 360°-swivel base for push-button directional control as the mount above. But you can get more creative, maybe even mounting on a vehicle crossbar to capture the ride in.

Suction Cup

While we recommend the industrial-strength Suction Cup for mainly land activities (like on vehicles), you can get away with using this mount for more serene paddles. If you're renting to paddle around a lake and want to capture various shots without mounting an adhesive (which may leave residue), the Suction Cup is your mount! But, if you're looking to run rapids, we recommend reading on for better solutions

Jaws Flex Clamp

You won't need a bigger boat to enjoy the versatility Jaws Clamp Mount offers. This mount is engineered to clamp to irregular shapes and slim objects nearly anywhere on your vessel, such as the cockpit edge or grab handle.

Magnetic Swivel Clip

Clip the Magnetic Swivel Clip to straps, boat cockpits and more, or attach its magnetic base to a metal surface. The base rotates a full 360° and works as a kickstand for group shots and selfies once you're back ashore.

Bite Mouth Mount + Float

Capture unique and stable point-of-view shots that free up your hands and focus on the waters ahead with the Bite Mouth Mount, and easily spot the Floaty Floating Mount's bright orange color bobbing in the water should things go topsy-turvy.

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to kayak photography with GoPro. Explore other activities on our Shop By Activity experience and be sure to share your shots with us at GoPro Awards for the chance to be featured in our next kayak spotlight!

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