Truth be told, we love a good photo. Like a good, old-fashioned, “worth a thousand words” still shot. And nothing beats the photo potential of a tiny, take-me-anywhere GoPro.

So grab the one you love—your GoPro … err, significant other—and get to work testing out GoPro’s language of love as outlined below. And if V-Day means more Singles’ Awareness Day than Hallmark Holiday, fear not because you don’t need a PIC to grab these p-i-c-s. We do recommend having at least a HERO8 or MAX to get the best of the best.*

L: Linear Mode

gopro action camera shoots linear photos

Some may say the GoPro magic happens when using its signature wide-angle digital lens, but wider isn’t always better. To get a classic photo with no horizon distortion, pop open Protune and switch the digital lens setting to Linear.

Linear offers a medium field of view to capture fisheye-free shots that fit seamlessly into a photo album or camera roll.

O: Over-under

gopro action camera photo mode knekt dome

Our friends at KNEKT have perfected the dome port needed to capture over-under photos like this. The 6-inch dome prevents water from sitting flush against the lens, so this small amount of clearance, paired with a domed gradient, allows you to get a detailed shot both above and below water.

We recommend locking the exposure to the brightest point above the water. This guarantees the sky won’t be blown out. It’s easier to correct the underexposed areas in post than the overexposed.

V: Vantage point/POV

gopro action camera photo mode

GoPro is built to withstand the most rugged of conditions, so ditch the traditional point-and-shoot pose and try capturing from a new perspective. Turn on a 3- or 10-second timer, lean it on a rock and shoot a worm’s eye view. Or toss it up high and try for a bird’s eye view.

E: EV Compensation

gopro action camera photo mode exposure compensation

Even though romantic dinners are synonymous with dim lighting, that doesn’t mean you can’t capture the moment with a GoPro. All you need to do is hop into Protune and tweak the exposure, which we call “EV Comp.”

As a rule of thumb, you drop the EV Comp in bright lighting and you raise it in low light.

PROTIP: If you’re looking to freeze a moment in time, but don’t know when that moment is going to hit (see below), try pulling a still frame from a video in the GoPro App. To get the highest res, shoot the video in 2.7K or 4K.

gopro action camera photo mode superphoto

S: SuperPhoto

We intended to stop at “LOVE,” but there is one more surefire way to get the perfect GoPro photo, and that’s using SuperPhoto. SuperPhoto is a one-button setting that takes the guesswork out of getting the shot. Once SuperPhoto is turned on, your GoPro will intelligent choose from four enhancement options to capture the best photo: HDR, local tone mapping, multi-frame noise reduction or standard (a.k.a. everything looks great as is).

Turn on SuperPhoto in the Protune settings on HERO8 or HERO7 Black cameras.

And there you have it; you’re now officially prepped to make GoPro the best wingman ever this Valentine’s Day. For extra brownie points, print a copy for keeps and submit the digital version to GoPro Awards for a chance at getting some extra cash to put toward next year’s Valentine’s Day, or let’s be real, some more gear.

*Are you rocking an older edition GoPro and looking to #treatyoself? Head over to the GoPro TradeUp program, send any old digital camera our way, and we’ll shoot you $100 off to lock down the HERO8 or unlock new levels of creativity with MAX.