Part-time salesman, part-time world traveller—28-year-old Pierce Cameron has figured out the recipe to living his best life. A Colorado man on a mission, Pierce flew to Nicaragua with one very specific shot in mind: “volcano boarding.” Cerro Negro in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range is one of the only places in the world where visitors can experience the thrill of sledding down an active volcano.

Pierce’s vision paid off. On Jan. 29, Pierce was one of the 56 creators awarded in the HERO8 + MAX GoPro Million Dollar Challenge taking home $22,222.22. We caught up with Pierce to learn a little more about the man who went chasing volcano slides.

GoPro: When did you first start using GoPro?

Pierce: Wow … I don't remember the exact year I started using a GoPro, but the first one I owned was the GoPro HERO3. I got it to film snowboarding, water shots and adventures. If I had to guess, I probably starting using GoPro around 2012, which—after further research—is exactly when the HERO3 camera came out. I actually still have that camera, ha! That was back when there were no screens on the GoPro cameras, and you weren't able to see the shots until you got back in front of the computer, which made things very fun. 

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What’s your day job?

I do sales for a living. I sell exterior products to homeowners during the warm months. During the winter, I get a ton of time to travel the world and snowboard. It’s a job with great perks and extreme flexibility if you work hard. 

How did you hear about the Million Dollar Challenge?

I heard about the Million Dollar Challenge through GoPro's Instagram. I followed the first Million Dollar Challenge for the launch of HERO7 Black and submitted a few clips but didn't take the challenge too seriously. This year, I had a plan in mind of the exact clip I wanted to submit and ended up a winner! The timing could not have been more perfect.

What GoPro were you using + settings?

I was using the GoPro MAX in HERO mode set to 1440K 60fps with Max HyperSmooth on and the digital lens set to Max Superview. I also had Horizon Leveling on, which is one of my favorite features about MAX. 

PROTIP: Learn more about horizon leveling here.

What are you going to put the earnings toward?

I am going to save a bit of the money, and I'm putting a decent amount toward a trip to snowboard the Himalayas. There's a ski resort called Gulmarg, a union territory in Northern India, with the highest gondola in the world. I'm super excited to show a side of India not many people know about on this trip. I'm actually writing this post at the airport on my way to New Delhi right now! 

Would you participate again in the future?

Absolutely, I'm already looking forward to the next Million Dollar Challenge! 

What shots are you most excited to chase on Hero8 or Max or both?

I’m always shooting footage of snowboarding and traveling the world; my two favorite hobbies. Shooting footage in the ocean with GoPro is also super fun. I'm most excited to test the 360 mode on MAX more; it’s the first 360 camera I've ever owned.

Watch the full Million Dollar Challenge HERO8 + MAX video here.