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USB Pass-Through Door


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HERO11 Black Mini



USB Pass-Through Door

Power your HERO11 Black Mini through extra-long shoots

The weather-resistant USB Pass-Through Door lets you plug in your HERO11 Black Mini through the door to power your camera through extra-long shooting sessions. And it gives you access to the USB-C port for easier charging.

Product Details

  • Hole in the door lets you plug your HERO11 Black Mini into an external power source when you need added runtime
  • Specially designed cable/door seal keeps your camera weather resistant for outdoor adventures (when used with a GoPro USB-C cable)
  • Easy access to the USB-C port for battery charging
  • Cable retention clip helps prevent the cable from getting accidentally yanked out
  • Included 4.5ft. (1.37m) USB-C cable maximizes the range between your camera and your power source
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