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GoPro Trademark & Brand Policy

We're stoked that you’ve discovered the versatile ways that GoPro's cameras, software, and accessories help the world celebrate and share itself in immersive and exciting ways. You'll find our guidelines below, which explain how you can interact with GoPro’s brands correctly. GoPro's trademarks are protected internationally and include trademarks and registered trademarks for GoPro, HERO, the GoPro logo, the "GoPro Be a HERO" logo and other logos, symbols, icons, graphics, phrases, taglines, trade dress or images that identify the source or origin of GoPro's products and services (the "GoPro Marks").

General Brand Usage Guidelines

Trademarks and Logos for Products, Names, Apps and Websites

Please do not use the GoPro Marks in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement with GoPro. A few helpful tips:

  • Avoid trademarks, company names, product or feature names, domain names, or social media handles that are confusingly similar to the GoPro Marks, such as those that include the word "Go" or "Hero" or "Pro."
  • Do not use or display the GoPro word marks (such as GoPro and HERO) more prominently than your company, product, or service name.
  • Do not alter the GoPro Marks. "GoPro" is our proper name, and it should be capitalized accordingly (not "Gopro," "gopro," "Go Pro" or "goPro"). "HERO" should always appear in all capital letters. Do not use the GoPro Marks as nouns or in the plural or possessive form.
  • Do not use, copy, alter or imitate GoPro's logos, trade dress, color scheme, website, products, packaging, icons, marketing materials or photographs.
  • All uses of the GoPro Marks must be truthful and accurate, and not likely to cause confusion as to source, affiliation or association.
  • Do not use the GoPro Marks in a damaging or derogatory way
  • For any documentation or communication only distributed in the United States, use the appropriate trademark symbol ® or ™ with the GoPro Marks. Refer to the GoPro Trademark List for the correct trademark symbol and spelling of the trademark. Do not include trademark symbols on documentation or communication distributed outside of the United States.

If you are an authorized GoPro distributor or reseller, you should review your agreement with GoPro to understand your authorization to use the GoPro Marks.

Identifying Your Content Made with a GoPro Camera

The content you create is inspiring and we want to make sure that the world can distinguish between content you have created and original content produced by GoPro. The best way to let us and the world know that your content is “Shot with my GoPro camera” is to use our software tools (Quik app). When sharing any content, either motion or stills, created with your GoPro camera, tag #GoPro in the description and/or title of the content as well.


If you are in the media and need access to GoPro’s press kit, please email: pr@gopro.com


Generally, we will not provide written permission for your company to give away GoPro products, but if you do, you must follow the GoPro Trademark & Brand Policy. You may make factual, truthful statements about the product that you are using in your promotion (e.g., “We are giving away a GoPro® HERO10 Black”). Please also include the following statement conspicuously in your promotional material: “GoPro, HERO and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. GoPro is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.” If you want to show a picture of the product that you are using in your promotion, please do not use our images (e.g., do not copy or modify images from our website to use in your promotion).

Guidelines for Third-Party Mounts, Accessories, Software Applications and Merchandise

We generally do not permit use of the GoPro Marks on or in connection with third party mounts, accessories, applications, or merchandise (or anything else). Merchandise includes anything you create or build such as mounts, accessories, software, apps, apparel, signs, banners, surfboards, etc. We love your enthusiasm for our products but please don’t put the GoPro Marks (or any variations) on your custom creations. A few helpful tips:

Follow all General Brand Usage Guidelines.

  • Do not use any portion of the GoPro Marks as part of your company, product, or service name.
  • Do not apply for or attempt to register a trademark or service mark for the GoPro Marks, any portion thereof, or any marks that are confusingly similar to the GoPro Marks.
  • If you are making or developing something that can be used with our cameras you may make factual, truthful statements about how your item is compatible with a GoPro product or service. Do not use GoPro’s logos or copyrighted assets without prior written permission. If true, you may state, for example: “Can be used with GoPro® HERO10 cameras." You must include the following text on every page where it can be seen by someone purchasing such an item: “This product and/or service is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with GoPro Inc. or its products and services. GoPro, HERO and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc."

The GoPro Trademark & Brand Policy was last updated March 8, 2022, though GoPro may revise or update this policy again in the future.

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