3 Reasons You Need a Travel Camera Bag for Your GoPro

The time has come and details are booked—you're finally packing your bags for the next big adventure. Have you thought about where your GoPro and accessories will fit? Maybe HERO9 Black in the top pocket, battery charger in a side pocket and the rest of your accessories mixed in with socks, briefs and toiletries?

There's a better way.

While you can use the case your GoPro came with, you can benefit from getting a dedicated GoPro travel case.

Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a camera travel bag for your GoPro and accessories:

  1. Optimimal Organization
  2. Safety & Security
  3. Packing Perks

Plus, we'll give you four of our top recommendations for GoPro travel cases and bags.

GoPro casey provides organization

A Camera Travel Case Keeps Things Organized

It's surprisingly easy to lose track of camera accessories. Batteries, memory cards, thumbscrews get smaller and smaller.

Save your sanity by organizing it in the Casey LITE Lightweight Camera Case, featuring a flexible hook-and-loop internal divider and secure zipper pocket. Then you can toss it in a backpack, dry bag or duffel and grab your gear in a flash.

A GoPro Travel Case Keeps Your Camera Gear Safe

Sure, your GoPro is a rugged action camera designed to take some abuse. But there's no use in abusing it more than necessary.

Look for a camera travel case with a rigid or semi-rigid exterior, a bit of cushioning and a soft inner lining. If it has adjustable dividers to separate accessories, that's even better. The top choice with all those features is the Casey Semi Hard Camera Case.

GoPro backpack Daytripper

The Right Camera Travel Bag Lets You Pack More

When traveling and vacationing with GoPro gear, don't make the mistake of using a regular camera travel case. Technically you could, but the spacing just isn't optimized.

A GoPro travel case that's made specifically for GoPro cameras and accessories will let you pack more in a smaller space.

A great example is the Daytripper backpack. It's designed with GoPro in mind and still lets you fit all the GoPro travel essentials—multiple camera, housing, batteries, chargers, 3-Way 2.0 grip, cords, memory cards, The Remote and more.

So instead of dealing with bulky camera bags, go with a travel case that's just like your GoPro—compact, rugged and ready for action.

Four of the Best Travel Cases for Your GoPro & Gear

Whether you're wandering around the Moroccan desert or on a family vacation in the mountains, here are the top travel cases to consider:

  1. Casey LITE Lightweight Camera Case
  2. Casey Semi Hard Camera Case
  3. Daytripper Backpack
  4. HERO9 Black Camera Sleeve + Lanyard
GoPro Casey LITE travel case

Casey LITE Lightweight Camera Case

Casey LITE works great if you just need a travel case to keep a GoPro and a few accessories neat and organized. It's super-lightweight and perfect for when you're counting every single ounce (or gram) you pack.

Although it's got a soft shell, it is weather-resistant, so it'll help keep things dry even if you get caught in a rainstorm.

Check out the Casey LITE Lightweight Camera Case.

GoPro casey travel case

Casey Semi Hard Camera Case

If you’re planning on cliff diving one minute and mountain biking the next, the Casey Semi Hard Case is probably the one for you.

It pairs extra space for more accessories with a semi-rigid shell and padded interior to give your camera gear the protection it needs no matter where you're headed. And a removable mesh pouch keeps small accessories right where you want them.

Check out the Casey Semi Hard Camera Case.

GoPro Daytripper backpack

Daytripper Backpack

The Daytripper isn't an everyday backpack. Whether you're touring a foreign city on your next vacation or just hiking in the woods, the Daytripper is designed to give you and your GoPro gear the extra space you need.

In addition to storage for a 2L hydration bladder, 15-inch laptop and other essentials, it's also got a padded storage area designed specifically for GoPro cameras. Plus, this padded area is located on the top of the backpack with its own dedicated zipper, so you can quickly get to your cameras when needed.

And with built-in GoPro shoulder and chest mounts, your travel bag doubles as a hands-free POV mount.

Check out the Daytripper Backpack.

GoPro sleeve + lanyard carrying case

HERO9 Black Camera Sleeve + Lanyard

The Camera Sleeve + Lanyard offers great protection for traveling. When visiting new places, you never know when the perfect photo op is going to present itself. Fortunately, the Sleeve + Lanyard gives you a secure way to keep your GoPro ready for action.

Wear it around your neck or wrist, or get crafty and hang it from your beach umbrella—no more digging through your backpack to capture your crew.

Learn more about the HERO9 Black Camera Sleeve + Lanyard.

Whatever crazy adventure you have planned next—chasing summer around the globe or the kids around the pool—don't forget a camera travel case so your GoPro and gear will be protected and ready for action.

A travel case can help protect your gear, but it won't help you capture great travel pictures. Don't worry; we can help with that. Check out International Travel Tips + Tricks for getting the perfect shots the next time you travel with your GoPro.