Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Women of GoPro

Mar 08, 2022


If you’ve noticed the uptick in female content on GoPro’s channels over the past week, it’s no mistake! We are putting the female-first pedal to the metal for not only International Women’s Day, but the full Women’s History Month. 

Celebrating and uplifting the women in our company, and our community, is incredibly important to GoPro, especially considering we can do so in spaces like tech and action sports that are often seen as male-dominated. While this may be true on paper, we think the women of GoPro—internal, external and beyond—are dominating the world with their greatness each and every day. 

Today, we invite you to join us in celebrating International Women’s Day by watching all the women of GoPro get after it in this video and by posting your own inspiring clips, or even sharing them with us through GoPro Awards. Learn more about International Women’s Day and this year’s theme to #BreakTheBias HERE.
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