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Best Surfing Cameras: 2023 Ultimate Guide

Apr 01, 2023


What Is The Best GoPro Camera for Surfing?

Surfing is a solo art form. The ritual of getting up at dawn, throwing on a wetsuit and bracing the crisp ocean waters is often enjoyed in solitude. But even though you're by yourself, you can still share your experience with others. 

GoPro offers small, lightweight and easy-to-use action cameras to capture all the beauty of riding the perfect wave. In this post, you'll learn about the best cameras for surfing, what surf camera gear you should use and what surfing camera settings will give you the best results in the water.

If you're wondering how to film yourself surfing, the new and compact GoPro HERO11 Black Mini makes it easier than ever.

Not only is this the best lightweight camera for capturing surf videos at just 133 grams, but it also has other awesome features to boost your surf photography and filmmaking skills. For example, no other surfing camera takes 27MP high-res photos and 5.3K video recording at 60 frames per second (fps), along with 4K resolution video recording at 120 fps for some buttery slow-motion. Whether you're paddling out past the breakers or dropping in on a fresh swell, the camera's HyperSmooth 5.0 image stabilization always keeps your shot smooth and focused.

And of course, you can submerge the camera into water up to 33ft (without a waterproof case), and once the sun starts to set, you'll enjoy better low-light filming to capture that magical golden hour as you coast back to the shoreline.

The other best option? HERO11 Black. The HERO11 Black features the classic GoPro form factor and also has a feature called HindSight which allows you to capture up to 30 seconds before you hit record. This feature is extremely helpful so you don't miss out on capturing the wave of the day.

What Are The Best GoPro Surfing Accessories?

GoPro offers a wide range of camera accessories for surfing that allow you to focus on the wave rather than a screen.

No one wants to worry about holding something in their hands while paddling. Instead, you need reliable ways to secure and stabilize your camera while you're chasing down sets. If you're wondering how to mount your GoPro to your surfboard, here are a few of our favorite GoPro surf accessories that you can use:

Surfboard camera mount

The Surfboard Camera Mount is the perfect companion for all your surfing adventures. This tool works as an adhesive anchor to the surface of your board, keeping your GoPro mounted in place while you maneuver around the water. It also includes additional GoPro surf camera tethers for extra security in choppy conditions.

Bite Mouth Mount + Floaty

When your hands and feet are occupied on the board, why not use your mouth? The Bite Mouth Mount gives you the perfect first-person POV in the water. Not only can you have full use of your body while you surf, but you can capture footage that makes audiences feel like they're surfing with you! This GoPro mouth mount also comes with a rubberized orange Floaty (Floating Camera Case) to ensure that if your camera does go overboard, it will quickly float to the surface for you to retrieve it.

And most importantly, the Bite Mount is designed to clip into a Surfboard Mount, so if you have both, you can switch from selfie to first-person POV shots and take a breather from holding the camera in your mouth.

Hand + Wrist Strap Mount

Another great way to avoid losing control of your GoPro in the water is to use the Hand +Wrist Strap. Secure it to your forearm so it won't get in the way of paddling or popping up, and still be able to capture the action. You can also rotate the camera a full 360° or flip it up or down without taking it off the mount.

Get a GoPro Subscription to stay protected

For only $49.99 a year, a GoPro Subscription gets you discounts on new cameras, unlimited cloud backups + auto uploads, up to 50% off on select products at, as well as new camera replacements if something goes wrong! Our team knows that accidents happen, but as a subscriber, you'll never be left stranded in the water!

What Are The Best GoPro Settings For Surfing?

Now that you have your GoPro surfing camera and accessories all figured out, the only thing you need is to dial in your settings to ensure a perfect shot at all times.

To start, tap and hold the video settings pill to launch the settings menu. According to Abe Kislevitz, a longtime GoPro employee  and avid filmmaker, here is a quick breakdown of his go-to settings when he's out shooting:

  • Bit Rate: High
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Resolution: 5k (for more clear frame grabs)
  • Resolution Slo-Mo: 2.7K
  • Shutter: Auto (120 for Slo-Mo)
  • EV Comp: -0.5
  • White Balance: Auto
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 1600
  • Sharpness: Low
  • Color: Low
  • RAW Audio: Off
  • Wind: Auto

Of course, you have the freedom to customize your settings however you want, and your environment will also dictate how you record, but for the surfer who wants a reliable shot, you can't go wrong with these settings.

Happy Surfing With GoPro

The next big wave is waiting, and no matter what you come across, you can trust that GoPro has your back to keep you prepared. Be sure to check out the Surfing Shop By Activity experience for more details on the perfect surfing camera setup.

PRO TIP: Don't forget that you can also edit your GoPro surf footage and surf photography on the spot with the Quik video editing app. Download it to your smartphone and enjoy powerful editing software directly at your fingertips. When you're done, publish it directly to social media and share the adventure with your friends!

Safe travels and happy surfing from GoPro!


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