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Best GoPro Action Camera Tripods in 2023

May 19, 2023


What is the Best GoPro Tripod?

When you're traveling around the world and having new experiences, you need a tripod that can hold up wherever the journey takes you. Plus, you need something lightweight that won't bog you down as you're chasing down sunsets and summiting mountaintops!

GoPro has you covered no matter what adventures you're facing—check out the list of the best GoPro tripods below and see what works best for you.

Volta (External Battery Grip / Tripod / Remote): The power to GoPro all-day

For the adventurer who travels from dawn to dusk, the Volta tripod from GoPro is a three-in-one device that has the power to endure any situation.

Providing you with an external battery life that delivers over 4 hours of 5.3k recording, you can trust that you'll never miss a shot once your GoPro's battery gives out. It works as a sturdy grip so that you can stabilize your videos and photos on the go, and it even works as a remote for you to control your GoPro from a distance (up to 98ft away).

Easily mount your GoPro on top and hit the trails. This is hands-down one of the best travel tripods for GoPro available.

3-Way 2.0 (Tripod / Camera Grip / Arm): New ways to shoot with less gear

Rather than just sitting in one place, GoPro offers the 3-Way 2.0 tripod for those who want to experiment with different vantage points and angles.

With an integrated ball joint that lets you tilt your camera to change the angle without moving the mount, the 3-Way 2.0 offers a unique perspective to any level of adventurer/filmmaker. You can use it as a traditional tripod with its folding extension arms. It can become a handheld selfie stick for follow-cam footage, and it's completely waterproof so you can use it under any kind of conditions or environment.

It measures 19.5in (49.53cm) when fully extended and collapses to 8in (20.32cm).

Shorty - Mini Extension Pole & Tripod: Your camera’s pocket-sized partner

For the best mini tripod for GoPro, the Shorty mini extension pole & tripod leads the pack.

Measuring under just 5in, this pocket-sized partner is perfect for a wide range of activities. Whether you're taking group shots, selfies or extreme videos, or if you just need to capture a steady sunset, the Shorty is a versatile companion that you can rely on. 

It also features an extension pole that reaches 8.9in so you can capture any hard-to-reach angles when you're out and about. 

MAX Extended Grip + Tripod: Shoot the shot. Not the grip

If the Shorty doesn't cut it for you, then the MAX Extended Grip + Tripod will certainly get the job done. 

With three different capabilities (a camera grip, extension pole or quick-deployed tripod), the MAX Extended Grip + Tripod reaches between 9 and 22in with an extension pole that locks into place with a quick twist. That way, you'll never miss an opportunity to film if and when the conditions get bumpy or unfamiliar. It also features foldout legs that use a magnetic closure to keep level on any surface. 

PRO TIP: This is the preferred mount to use with the 360-degree GoPro MAX camera. The grip is designed to be the perfect length disappear when Reframing, leaving you with a mind-bending 360° capture that will have people asking, “How did you get the shot?! I don’t even see a camera!”

Tripod Mounts for GoPro: Simple & easy on the wallet

Keep in mind—you don't have only to use GoPro tripods either. 

With our universal Tripod Mounts for GoPro, you can hook your GoPro up to any standard tripod. And then, when you want to get a little more extreme, you can quickly detach the GoPro and hook it up to a different accessory using the included Quick Release Tripod Mount to move between different shots and locations easily. 

Also, when you purchase a tripod mount, there's an additional lightweight mini tripod included that easily connects to your GoPro—you're ready for anything!

Gumby Flexible Mount

Lastly, the Gumby Flexible Mount is the most versatile tripod companion you could dream up. Though not technically a tripod, Gumby will help mount your GoPro in an infinite number of scenarios.

Gumby’s secret is it uses Nite Ize Gear Tie Rubber Twist Ties, so you can wrap your GoPro around pretty much any object to keep it stable during filming. Bike handlebars, poles, arms, wrists, side view mirrors on cars, tree branches, hanging fixtures—you name it, Gumby can film from any perspective you want! The base also rotates 360 degrees, with the ability to stop every 90 degrees to choose the base video angle. 

You get 2 pairs of reusable 16-inch ties when you order the Gumby Flexible Mount, so if you lose one on the trail, no sweat!

Use the Best Tools to Record Your Adventures

As a creator, you need the best tools to get the perfect shot no matter what. That's why GoPro offers a complete package of accessories to keep you prepared. 

Along with tripods, mounts and underwater gear, GoPro also has the HERO11 Black Creator Edition—a  creative powerhouse for capturing content that comes with the previously mentioned Volta power grip in package. Perfect for vlogging, filmmaking and streaming, this complete system features professional-quality 5.3K video,  enhanced audio, HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization, powerful LED lighting and 4 hours of 4K recording per charge.

If you're looking for a way to boost your vlogging skills, then the HERO11 Black Creator Edition is your best bet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best GoPro tripod?

It all depends on what scenario you need it for, but the most versatile GoPro tripod is the Volta since it offers wireless remote control, flip-out legs to stabilize your shot under any conditions and a built-in external battery. 

If you’re looking for a waterproof option, we recommend Shorty. It’s compact for travel and sturdy for travel.

How to mount GoPro onto a tripod?

With the Tripod Mount or Quick Release Tripod Mount, you can attach your GoPro to any standard tripod. Or if you're using a GoPro tripod, the mounts are universal across all branded accessories. 

How do you carry a GoPro when hiking?

That's entirely up to you! You can go handheld or strap it down with the Gumby Flexible Mount. Or use one of our various GoPro tripods to keep it steady for the perfect shot as you hike up a trail. If you want easy versatility on your hike, then using the 3-Way 2.0 may be your best bet since you can use it as a traditional tripod or extend it as a selfie stick so you can film yourself on the move. 

What is the best vlogging tripod?

The Volta or the MAX Extended Grip + Tripod are the best for vlogging with remote control built into the grip of the Volta, and with the MAX, you have a camera grip, extension pole or quick-deployed tripod ready for any occasion. 

Which tripod is best to use as a selfie stick?

The 3-Way 2.0 works as a traditional tripod with its folding extension arms. It can become a handheld selfie stick for follow-cam footage, and it's completely waterproof so you can use it under any kind of conditions or environment. Or if you’re looking for something more compact, try Shorty!

Which tripod is compact and best for traveling?

The Shorty fits inside your pocket and can be easily deployed with your GoPro as a handheld grip or a mini tripod for stable shots on the go. 

PRO TIP: What do you use when a rigid tripod isn't the best?

When a traditional tripod won't work, then you can use the Gumby Flexible Mount to strap your GoPro down to a number of different objects and surfaces. The base also rotates 360 degrees, with the ability to stop every 90 degrees to choose the base video angle. 


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