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Leticia Bufoni Just Landed 2X Guinness World Records

Jul 24, 2022


GoPro skate athlete and overall wonder woman Leticia Bufoni is being honored with TWO Guinness World Records today. Leticia will receive the honors today at the X Games Summer 2022, which are taking place in her current Southern California stomping grounds. 

Leticia will be receiving the awards for:

  1. Most Women’s X Games Skateboard Street Wins (5)
  2. Most Women’s X Games Summer medals (12)

She also previously held a Guinness World Record for “Most Wins in World Cup Skateboarding.” We’re beyond pumped for this well-deserved update to recognize all her hard work and accomplishments. 

Congratulations Leticia, we can’t wait to watch you compete this weekend! 

You can follow her directly @leticiabufoni and get more info on the X Games Summer 2022 here

And with that, we’ll leave you with a fun fact: The most medals won in X Games winter disciplines by a female is 21 and is held by GoPro snow athlete Jamie Anderson. So Leticia is certainly in great company!


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