How to Change Digital Lens + Aspect Ratio Settings with the Quik App

Nov 21, 2022


Starting today, the GoPro Quik app now has a Lens Tool that allows you to change between Digital Lens options in post-production for content captured on HERO11 Black or HERO11 Black Mini. The beauty of this is that you can worry LESS about Digital Lens settings for capture and focus MORE on nailing immersive shots by shooting with the HyperView or SuperView Digital Lenses or when using an 8:7 aspect ratio and refine later in post-production. 

For example, if you shoot an epic ski run in HyperView, but you don’t want to share a dynamically stretched 16:9 video, you can upload the video to Quik and, using the Lens Tool, edit it into a Linear Digital Lens, which has less distortion. You can even take it a step further and output the same clip in a 4:3 aspect ratio, still with Linear. 

On both iOS and Android, you can use the Lens Tool by tapping in to edit a single photo or video, at which time you’ll see the “Lens” option that reveals an option to toggle between Linear, Wide, SuperView and HyperView, depending on the Digital Lens setting that was used to capture the original clip. 

Lens Tool makes it easier to get creative in post by helping to correct field of view and distortion to create the ideal outcome, even if the capture settings weren’t dialed to your liking. We like to think of it as less fussing with the camera in the field and more finessing with the footage in post.

PRO TIP: Lens Tool can be used most broadly with 16:9 HyperView and 8:7 Wide to output to lens options with less distortion or various aspect ratios. But the opposite isn’t always true, meaning if you capture video in Linear 4:3 you can’t upgrade to HyperView. Quik will automatically gray out the settings that are unavailable depending on the clip.

The Quik app has many more helpful post-production tools—like filters, color correcting, and cropping—but there is one additional tool that goes hand-in-hand with the Lens Tool, and that’s reframing. 

You can find reframing—as well as the Lens Tool, Horizon Lock, rotate and flip options—by tapping on the Frame icon in the Quik app. This allows you to change the aspect ratio of photo and video, which is particularly helpful with the new sensor on HERO11 cameras that captures with an 8:7 aspect ratio. Learn more about the power of shooting in 8:7 here.

Lens Tool can be applied to any photos and videos captured with HERO11 Black or HERO11 Black Mini. It will not work with older GoPro cameras, smart phone or DSLR content or on frame grabs hosted on the Quik app. 

PRO TIP: You can still apply Lens Tool magic to a frame grab by using the Lens Tool on the video file and then pulling your desired frame. 

Learn more about HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Mini and Quik app today!


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