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Happy Hallow-Barrels From the GoPro Surf Team

Oct 29, 2022


Celebrating spooky season with the GoPro Surf Team is all tricks and all treats, too.

We were lucky enough to get Jamie O’Brien, Lakey Peterson, Mason Ho and Shane Dorian to hit the finest break in all of Texas at Waco Surf earlier this month. It was a perfect 5-6ft with an almost always offshore breeze (complete with the faint smell of nearby horse ranches) and water comfortable in the low 70s all week. We couldn’t manufacture more perfect conditions if we tried!

We also had honorary shredder and YouTube extraordinaire Casey Neistat take on the pool with us, and we’re not kidding when we say he might be on his way to trading in his camera for a WSL jersey. He absolutely rips, and he only took up surfing in the last few years.

As with any production, this one came with a few obstacles and troubleshooting moments. So besides a few lost HERO11 cameras, the remote Texan plains threw us for a loop in that we didn’t realize just how dark a post-sunset session in the pool would be. Luckily, the production crew came armed with ALL the GoPro goods, including a handful of GoPro Light Mods. These powerful, waterproof little LED lights sparked inspiration.

Here's what we used to get the shot:

  1. HERO11 Black
  2. The Handler
  3. Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount
  4. Light Mod
  5. Flat Adhesive Mounts
  6. Surfboard Camera Mount

HERO11 Black was attached to The Handler as intended, and if there was a Surf Mount or Flat Adhesive Mount already attached to the board, we mounted a Light Mod to that using the included feet and mounting buckle. After that, we had to get creative.

First step was to add more Flat Adhesive Mounts to the boards to mount additional Light Mods. Then, we figured out that we could use a Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount to attach a Light Mod to The Handler’s grip. Wheen angled just right, this would light up the surfer perfectly in the barrel. Throw in a vibrant orange Harvest Moon and October vibes, and the only natural next step was to hit the local Halloween shop for some spooky masks.

You can check out a quick recap above and stay tuned for a full recap video on the GoPro YouTube channel.

If you still want more, check out the creators’—err, SURFERS’—recap videos below.


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