GoPro 5K and 4K action cameras meld tiny but tough camera technology with killer video resolutions up to 5.3K with the latest HERO10 Black, making them the ultimate capture device for high-quality video. But why do you want higher resolutions in an action camera?

We’ll dig into this more as you read on, but in general, 5.3K, 5K and 4K resolutions all have one main thing in common: more pixels. And, more pixels create sharper, clearer, more realistic looking videos. With 5.3K video specifically, images will reflect more of the fine details and natural colors we see in the real world.

What Does 4K Resolution Mean?

Various terms like HD, UHD 1080p, and 4K can be confusing if you don’t know what the resolutions, K’s and pixel counts stand for. So, let's start by looking at what exactly 4K is with a simple definition.

4K is a type of resolution, which is a measurement of the number of pixels captured and displayed in an image and video. A pixel is one tiny dot in an image, and higher resolutions contain more of those pixels within the frame than lower resolutions.

When it comes to 4K, images and videos captured in this format usually have 3840 x 2160 pixels in total, which is four times more than the pixel count of a Full HD or 1920 x 1080 resolution, also known as 1080p. Because of this, 4K is also known as Ultra HD, or UHD.

What About 5K?

Once you know the basics of 4K, it's easy to understand the next step up to 5K resolutions, or in the case of HERO10 Black, 5.3K resolution.

5.3K has a pixel count of 15.8 million pixels, which equates to 91% more resolution than 4K, and an incredible 665% more resolution than 1080p HD video.

When this is combined with HERO10 Black’s all-new GP2 processor and an ultra-high resolution 23.6MP sensor, you get crisp, clear videos that result in more life-like image quality.

5K versus 4K resolution and pixels

The Benefits of Shooting in 4K and 5.3K

So, we can see that 5.3K, 5K and 4K GoPro cameras can capture far more pixels and details than a typical Full HD camera. But why would you want all those extra pixels?

1. The Crispest, Cleanest Visuals

Obviously, one of the main advantages of working with 5.3K, 5K and 4K-capable cameras like both HERO10 and HERO9 Black is the plain and simple fact that the resulting images and videos result in much higher quality—period. You can expect these higher resolution captures to contain more color detail and sharper, more lifelike images overall.

And on HERO10 Black, when shooting video in 5K 4:3 resolution, you can pull 19.6MP frame grabs, or in 5.3K 16:9, you can pull 15.8MP frame grabs. With the capability for such high-quality video stills, you no longer have to choose between photo and video modes. Just shoot high-resolution video and grab your favorite frames after in the GoPro Quik app.

2. Far More Flexibility

For video editing enthusiasts and content creators, the sky’s the limit when working with these higher resolutions. If you shoot a 5.3K, 5K or even 4K video clip, for example, you can zoom in to individual sections of that clip and crop it down to 1080p while still preserving video details at HD quality.

You also get incredibly fluid 2X slo-mo with 5.3K60 and up to 8X slo-mo when you tap into 2.7K 240fps on HERO10 Black.

3. Keeping Up with the Times

When 5K and even 4K cameras were first introduced, plenty of people had hesitations about making the move to this new technology. But nowadays, even though 1080p is still considered HD and used across entertainment and online platforms, there's a clear shift towards 5K and 4K happening as we speak.

Sites like YouTube offer 4K streaming for vloggers to share crispy clips with their followers and, as TVs, monitors and platforms all continue to push toward 5K, standard HD photos and videos will increasingly look dull and more obsolete.

So, making the switch to 5K shooting can help to future-proof your content, as well as enable you to edit your clips and captures in exciting new ways and enjoy better quality videos and photos, too. No matter what sort of photographer or videographer you want to be, high-resolution GoPro cameras can help you enjoy the best results.

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