The opportunity to compete alongside seasoned professionals is officially here. Registration is now open for the 2020 GoPro Mountain Games.

Do you want to battle it out in Gore Creek with the Jacksons? Or go tread-to-tread with Aaron Gwin? There’s even opportunity to trade routes with Olympic climbers. But who are we kidding? Our personal favorite is always mud whomping with friends in the Mud Run. If this sounds intimidating, turn that skepticism into excitement, because there are also yoga classes to namaste your way into.

Point being, you don’t want to miss the train to the largest outdoor festival this side of the Missississipi. So block your calendar for June 4-7 and get your sites set on visiting Vail, Colo. If all athleticism fails, you can always hang out at the daily Dock Dog events that have fearless pups hurling themselves into water to grab their beloved ball.

Sign up for one of the 13 disciplines here, and learn more at