How to update your Remote

To get new features and optimize your GoPro's performance, always keep it up to date with the latest accessory software. Here's how.

You’ll need a computer, your camera, and a microSD™ card adapter or USB reader

  1. Download the new software to your computer.
  2. Transfer the software to your camera’s SD card.
  3. Insert the SD card back into your camera and power it on.
  4. Power on your remote. The update should start automatically. Your remote will let you know when the update is complete.
  5. Press the Shutter button on your remote to restart.

For more detailed instructions, follow the directions below to download the software to your computer, transfer it to your camera, and then wirelessly update your remote.

Download the GoPro App:


Latest release

The Remote Update v2.0.0 | November 28, 2022

The Remote v2.0.0


  • Enables QuikCapture for HERO11 Black Mini.
  • A short press of The Remote’s Mode button will now power on all connected cameras.
  • The Remote’s screen now rotates to when toggling through orientation options.


  • General bug fixes.

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