You LiveIt. We Give It. We are kicking off a charitable weekend fueled by your activity. #GoProLiveIt Weekend is a chance for you to participate in virtual events for a good cause. We are donating $1 for each use of #GoProLiveIt all weekend. Learn more at Over the next few days we'll be introducing you to our charity partners. Next up, an organization that is pioneering a health movement grounded in civil rights history for African-American women and girls in the United States. Meet GirlTrek.

In the footsteps of a civil rights legacy, and with over 700,000 members, GirlTrek is the largest national health movement to activate thousands of Black women to be change-makers in their lives + communities—through walking.

GirlTrek has developed world-class training for Black women to serve as health and wellness ambassadors in the areas of fitness, mental health, nutrition, + environmental stewardship + have a goal to inspire one million Black women + girls to develop a daily habit of walking.

Estes Park, Colorado #StressProtest, August 2019

The GirlTrek pledge is as follows:

  • (v.) To lace up our sneakers and walk each day as a declaration of self-care!
  • (v.) To heal our bodies, inspire our daughters, and reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods.
  • (v.) To reestablish walking as a healing tradition in Black communities as tribute to those who walked before us.
  • (n.) A health movement organized by volunteers across America to inspire one million by 2020.

Through wellness events like its Stress Protest, GrilTrek puts Black women first—promoting radical self-care. They’re on a mission to mobilize one million Black Women to walk by the end of 2020, and they’re well on their way! The organization is truly reimagining wellness, one step at a time. 

Learn more about GrilTrek’s amazing work and the 2019 Stress Protest in this video.