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The Absolute Best Underwater Cameras of 2023

Apr 10, 2023


Whether you’re a surfer, swimmer, snorkeler, Sea-Doo-er or just plain love water, getting awesome underwater video is the ultimate way to share your submersion missions . Of course, you need an underwater camera to do so, and you know what's even better? A waterproof camera that thrives in the depths. Enter: GoPro.

GoPros are made for getting wet

Right out of the box, GoPro action cameras, including the newest HERO11 Black and HERO11 Black Mini, are waterproof to 33 feet. That means you can hit the waves, snorkel, swim or even dive without any additional gear. Strap it on with the Hand + Wrist Strap and dive into a gorgeous lake, stick it on your surfboard with a Surfboard Camera Mount or simply take your GoPro underwater with The Handler, which is part-selfie stick, part-flotation device and 100% made for water shots.

What Are The Best GoPro Underwater Camera Accessories?

If want to go past the 33 feet mark with your GoPro, you can do that too. Just grab a Protective Dive Housing + Waterproof Case (HERO11, HERO10, HERO9) and you can take either camera down to 196 feet. This waterproof camera case also protects your GoPro from debris, so when you get out of the water and want to embark immediately on an off road adventure, you’re all set.

If depth isn’t your game, but action-packed water sports like surfing are, you can make sure to never lose your GoPro in the water with the Floaty Floating Mount. This bright orange case keeps your GoPro visible and afloat, adds padded protection and includes a tether point for more security. You can also buy this paired with a Bite Mouth Mount to start getting the best underwater POV shots.

What Filter to Use for GoPro Underwater?

Shooting underwater means capturing with less available light, and according to science, this means the colors captured in photo or video content don’t always come out exactly how you see them. GoPro underwater cameras can correct this in two ways. First, HERO11 Black uses advanced processing to automatically improve white balance and correct color.

But if you’re going deeper than 33 feet, you might need some added help to keep your color balance right. That’s where the second option comes in: using a PolarPro DiveMaster Filter Kit. This kit has three filters you can snap onto your GoPro underwater housing—one for blue water, one for green water and one for shallow water. Using these filters will give you the vibrant underwater color you’re looking for.

What Are The Best Camera Settings For Shooting Underwater?

Before you get in the water, it’s a good idea to adjust your presets and lock your screen. From there, you can point, shoot and let your GoPro do the rest. 

You can watch the video above to get some advice from GoPro Family Member Jake Rich on his recommended settings for underwater shooting. As you’re doing so, remember that Shutter Speed and ISO are dependent on the available light, so here are the easiest settings to start with:

  • Shutter Speed: Try a lower Shutter Speed to allow more light in
  • White Balance: Native
  • Minimum ISO: 400
  • Maximum ISO: 800
  • Sharpness: Medium

Manage Your Footage Like A Pro With GoPro Quik Editing App

Don’t wait to preview and edit footage. Download the free Quik editing app to preview, edit and manage footage and manipulate your settings right away. If you really want to go pro with your GoPro (pun intended), step up to the GoPro Subscription, which gives you unlimited cloud backup with auto uploads, no-questions-asked camera replacement and up to 50% discounts off at

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