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Wearable Cameras: Ultimate 2023 GoPro Guide

Feb 16, 2023


Whether you’re careening down a hill, traipsing through the jungle, or hanging off the edge of a rock face, having your hands free is crucial. But if that’s the case, how do you capture the action? What you need is a wearable camera—it’s hands down the best way to capture great point-of-view (POV) action hands-free.

GoPro action cameras are made with this kind of wearability in mind. You can be immersed in the activity, but still capture every second with ease—that’s the beauty of GoPro.

What is a wearable camera?

Wearable cameras are quite simple in concept. Any time you can mount a camera to your person so you don’t have to hold it, that’s a wearable camera. Whether it’s putting a camera on your head while you run with the Head Strap Mount or strapping one to your chest with Chesty Body Mount for a solid POV chasing your kiddos around, using a wearable camera is the best way to forget you're recording and just enjoy the moment.

What’s the best wearable action camera?

We might be a bit biased, but GoPro, of course! Not only do GoPro action cameras provide a wide variety of mounting options—even a way to let your dog wear it with the Fetch Dog Harness!—GoPro cameras are waterproof, rugged and capture smooth, better-than-HD quality video. Between HyperSmooth image stabilization, ND filter packs like the PolarPro® Shutter Collection for cinematic shots, GoPro’s Quik app for easy on the fly editing and the GoPro Subscription which unlocks discounts, app enhancements and more, GoPro is definitely the leader of the pack in wearable cameras.

How do you wear a GoPro camera?

Using a GoPro as a wearable camera is as simple as picking the right mount, strapping it on and getting out. A few of the best mounts for wearing your GoPro camera include:

  • Hand + Wrist Strap: You get similar control and angle options as a hand-held camera. Turn your wrist and get a selfie headshot. Point the other way and capture what you see or talk to other people in your crew.
  • Chesty Body Mount: The perfect option for immersive hands-free POV shots.
  • Helmet Front + Side Mount: The helmet view is great for putting viewers in your world to experience the action how you see it.
  • Bite Mouth Mount + Floaty Floating Case: Just bite down on the bite mouth mount and swim with both hands, capturing underwater beauty to your heart's content.

Wearable cameras let you do more

Photography and videography have certainly come a long way. Not so long back, it would take a big crew and thousands of dollars of equipment to capture the action you can shoot on a weekend by yourself now. And POV shots? Not even possible. Now, though, you can simply mount a GoPro camera and get on with the show!

Check out our Shop By Activity experience to see how you can wear your GoPro action camera for all your favorite activities.

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