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How To Set Up GoPro As Ultimate Vlogging Camera

Jan 06, 2023


Vlogging, or video blogging, is quickly becoming both a source of entertainment and a profession, with countless people switching on their cameras and recording their lives to share with fans and followers across the globe.

All About Vlogging

The rise of video sharing platforms like YouTube and social media sites like Instagram have made turned vlogging into mainstream entertainment, and people are excelling at making vlogs on all kinds of topics—from travelling and gaming to DIY projects and beauty tips, there’s a vlog out there for everyone.

While vlogging is a great way to share knowledge and connect with the world, it’s extremely important to have the right equipment to be successful and look professional.

First and foremost, the camera you use is key to the vlogging experience, and GoPro can be one of the very best options out there. Portable, rugged and ready for anything, GoPro cameras can come along on all kinds of adventures and be used situations that larger cameras simply can’t squeeze into.

The latest HERO11 Black Creator Edition comes with a whole line of vlogging camera mods to elevate from an action camera to the ultimate, portable vlogging camera rig.

What Are The Best GoPro Vlogging Accessories?

With the in-camera electronic HyperSmooth stabilization and noise reduction settings, as well as 5.3K video on HERO11 Black, GoPro cameras can be used to vlog straight outta the box. If you really want to set yourself up for vlogging success, we recommend:

1. Audio: Capturing directional audio helps tremendously with interviews and the overall listener experience. Media Mod (Action Camera Microphone Attachment) provide directional mics to the respective cameras listed above. These in turn deliver crystal-clear audio with reduced wind and ambient noise. The Media Mod is also designed to snap snugly around the camera and comes with a removable foam, both of which provide extra noise reduction.

For larger directional microphones, we suggest external microphone gear, like a Rode VideoMic, attached via the Media Mod 3.5mm mic port or a Pro 3.5 Mic Adapter.

2. Lighting: Ready for your close up? A little extra light can go a long was to fill dark shadows or brighten up a smile. The Light Mod (Camera LED Light) attaches directly to the cold shoe mounts on the top or side of the Media Mod, and can shine up to 200 lumens of direct white light onto your subject.

3. Increase the screen: We love the front-facing display on HERO11 Black for framing up shots on the go, but when you’re shooting for a vlog, sometimes you need some extra screen to see everything in the frame clearly. Display Mod (Front Facing Camera Screen) is a 2-inch flip-up, portable screen that attaches to the cold shoe mount on the Media Mod so you can see clearly now the screen is on.

4. GoPro Quik App: Use the Quik app to connect to and control your GoPro camera and frame up your shots. After you’re done vlogging, you can use the app to preview your content and even turn it into videos or pull frame grabs to quickly share a teaser directly with your audience on social from the app.

5. More power!: Extra battery life is always a plus. If you’re out and about shooting gigs of footage, GoPro has Volta (External Battery Grip / Tripod / Remote), longer lasting Enduro camera batteries, and dual battery chargers that can keep you filming all day.

What Are The Best Camera Mounts for Vlogging?

GoPro cameras are designed to fit anywhere adventure may strike. Using tripods, chest mounts, head straps and selfie sticks are just some of the most popular and easy techniques to get the POV shots that GoPro fans drool over.

Tripods: If you're shooting on a stationary, flat surface, Volta offers three key features in one great package, working as a tripod, remote and camera battery grip for your all-in-one vlog setup. 3-Way 2.0, Shorty and Max Grip + Tripod all have features to expand into tripods, while the Max Grip can extend to over 9 feet so you can grab “bird’s eye view”-style shots that capture you and everything surrounding you.

  • Chest mount: For the active vlogger who wants to capture their insane moves hands free, the GoPro Chesty is a lightweight padded chest mount that can even fit over winter jackets. It allows you to shoot in the signature GoPro POV style, creating authentic clips that are enjoyable to watch back and share with your friends later on.

  • Bite Mount: The head is hands down the best way to get naturally stable hands-free footage to share your POV. The Bite Mouth Mount + Floaty has a quick-release design for fast swapping or storage and includes an easy-to-spot Floaty for added security in water. Use together when diving in deep with a vlog or separate—it’s two in one for double the fun.

  • Magnetic Clip Mount: Get creative with the Magnetic Swivel Clip. It's half clip, half magnet so you can attach it to anything from thin straps to poles or any metal surface you come across. Plus, you can swivel it a full 360 degrees to get the perfect angle.

  • Suction cup mount: The GoPro Suction Cup employs an industrial-strength suction design that can withstand winds up to 150 mph and can be mounted to smooth surfaces on boats, cars, motorcycles and more. Plane, train or automobile—this mount will have you securely vlogging from anywhere.

Building your vlogging kit doesn’t need to come all at once. Get the necessities first, and add more as you expand your following and refine your vlogging style. Be sure to check out our 5 Simple Steps To Make A Great Vlog for more inspiration.


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