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Karma comes with everything you need to capture amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air, handheld or body mounted. In the Karma Case, you’ll find:


Karma Drone
Karma Controller with Touch Display
Karma Stabilizer + Camera Harness
Karma Grip
Karma Charger
Karma Battery
Propellers (6)
Karma Mounting Ring
Karma Case


If you bought Karma with a camera, you’ll also find your new GoPro plus the accessories you need to use it with GoPro mounts. 

Never set up a drone before? Karma makes it easy. Start by unfolding the arms and landing gear. Lock in them into position and attach the color-coded propellers to the arms. 

When you need to mount your GoPro, simply open the Karma harness and insert your camera. 


GoPro: Karma - It Goes With You
The battery, controller and grip can all be charged using the included Karma Charger. 
The Karma Controller’s built-in touch display gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Karma. Setup includes connecting to Wi-Fi, creating your GoPro account, downloading maps and linking your controller to the drone.

The controller walks you through each step of your Karma setup and flight. You’ll always know exactly what to do.
GoPro: Karma - Easy to Fly
When connected to Wi-Fi, the Karma Controller automatically notifies you when an update is available. This ensures that you’ll always have the latest software and features. 
Tap the Install button when updates are avalible.
See your Karma User Manual for detailed instructions on how to use Karma. 
  • Pre-Flight Check
  • Pre-Flight Training + Takeoff
  • Getting the Shot
  • Audio Alerts + Warnings
  • Landing

Before takeoff, it’s important to make sure that your drone is ready to fly and that conditions are safe. A pre-flight checklist helps ensure that everything is good to go.

  • Make sure the arms and landing gear are locked in place.
  • Check your drone for damage.
  • Lightly tighten the propellers by hand.
  • Charge the Karma Battery and Karma Controller.
  • Check the weather where you plan to fly.
  • Plan your shots and flight paths.
  • Scope out the flight area for potential obstacles.

Make sure you understand the local drone regulations. 

Fly like a pro before your first flight. The Karma Controller’s built-in tutorial and flight simulator show you how to work the sticks, control your camera and fly safely. Once you’re ready, taking off is as easy as tapping the screen. Auto takeoff flies your drone to a safe altitude and hovers in place. Where you go next is up to you. 

Press Start to lauch the flight simulator.  
Tap the Auto Take Off button when you’re ready to fly. 
GoPro: Karma - Easy to Fly
The Karma Controller gives you full control of your GoPro in flight. You can start and stop recording and access all camera modes and settings using the dedicated camera controls and the built-in touch display.
The built-in touch display makes it easy to adjust camera modes and settings at any time.
Karma was designed to keep you informed. The controller features audio and on-screen alerts that instantly notify you of situations such as flying too close to a No-Fly Zone or low battery. 
Karma instantly warns you if the battery runs low.
Landing is just as easy as taking off. Simply press the Land button on the controller. You can choose to have the drone fly to you or land back at the launch site. The drone automatically rises to a safe altitude, then flies to the landing area. It will hover above the landing area before touching down. You can also press and hold the Land button to have Karma automatically land in place. 
You always have a choice of landing options.
  • Auto Shot Paths
  • Take Your Friends for a Ride
  • Flying Safely

Pre-scripted Auto Shot Paths help you capture awesome pro-style footage on your first try. Simply pick the shot you want, follow the on-screen instructions and let it fly. The results will be even better than the best pilots can get with manual control.

  • Dronie starts as a regular selfie before pulling back to reveal the bigger picture.
  • Cable Cam lets you set up smooth, accurate tracking shots between two set points.
  • Orbit flies perfect circles around your subject.
  • Reveal starts with the drone flying straight and your GoPro pointed down before sweeping up for a dramatic horizon shot.
Cable Cam
GoPro: Karma - Auto Shot Paths
The free GoPro Passenger™ App lets friends view your flight on their phones and control your GoPro while you fly. Simply turn on the Passenger App feature on your controller and give your friend your Karma name and password.



GoPro: Karma - GoPro Passenger™ App

Karma makes flying safe, easy and fun. Built-in safety features were designed to help protect you and your drone. Follow these additional guidelines to help make every flight as safe as possible.

  • Don’t fly over people or animals.
  • Don’t fly in fog, high winds, rain or snow.
  • Don’t fly within 5 miles (8km) of airports.
  • Fly outdoors and within line of sight.*
  • Make sure your Karma isn’t damaged.
  • Comply with all regulations.

*Flight restrictions vary by location.

  • Replacement Parts Help Keep You Flying
  • Pairing a Replacement Drone or Controller
  • Support

It’s a good idea to regularly check your drone for damage. Look for these items:

  • Damaged landing gear
  • Cracked arms
  • Damaged propellers

Each of these parts can be easily replaced. Replacement parts come with the tools you need to make the repair in minutes.

The standard one-year Karma warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Optional GoPro Care doubles your standard warranty with accidental damage coverage for two full years. GoPro Care* covers up to two drone replacements, each subject to a $159 service fee (Karma Controller and Karma Grip are also covered). Visit to learn more. For complete product details and limit of liability, visit GoPro Care Terms and Conditions at

*Includes camera coverage if purchased as a bundle with Camera Service Fee of $69.

If you replace your drone or controller, you will need to re-pair your devices. Go to the controller’s CONNECT menu for easy, step-by-step instructions. 
GoPro offers worldwide support for Karma through online chat, email and by phone. With optional GoPro Care, you’ll automatically move to the head of the line when contacting support and will also have exclusive access to insider blogs and online community events.
GoPro: Karma - Peace of Mind
  • Assembling Karma Grip
  • Amazingly Smooth Shake-Free Video
  • Works with GoPro Mounts
  • Getting the Shot

Go from stabilized aerial shots to ultra smooth handheld and body-mounted footage in just a few steps. Simply remove the Karma Stabilizer from the drone and attach it to the Karma Grip. Secure it in place with a twist of the locking collar, turn on the grip and go.

Karma Grip is a combination of: Karma Grip, Karma Mounting Ring, Karma Stabilizer, Karma Harness
GoPro: Introducing Karma Grip

Karma Grip captures stabilized handheld and body-mounted footage so smooth your ordinary shoots will look extraordinary. The 3-axis Karma Stabilizer makes hundreds of calculations per second to counteract the bumps, shakes and jitters in your handheld and body-mounted shots. By keeping your GoPro steady, the grip lets you capture amazingly smooth video up to 4K without post production. It’s perfect for hikes, chasing your kids through life and wherever your adventures lead you. 

GoPro: Introducing Karma Grip

Use Karma Grip with your favorite body mount to capture the incredible perspectives that only a GoPro can—now with pro-quality stabilization. To mount the grip, first detach the stabilizer, then unlock the collar on the grip handle. Slide the mounting ring onto the handle. Attach the stabilizer and lock the collar. The mounting ring lets you use Karma Grip with most GoPro body mounts, including the built-in mounts on the Karma Case and Seeker sportpack.


Karma Grip mounted to the Karma Case.


GoPro: Introducing Karma Grip
Karma Grip’s built-in camera controls let you power on and off, change camera modes, start and stop recording, or add HiLight Tags on the fly. The convenient Tilt Lock button lets you easily adjust and lock in your capture angle. You can also manually adjust the stabilizer to get the right angle. Once you have the shot, you can offload the footage using the grip’s USB-C port without un-mounting your camera.
GoPro: Introducing Karma Grip

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GoPro Separator

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