Are you a Fusion user that is looking to go big—as in Big Sur? Apple recently released the macOS update Big Sur, and while there are a lot of benefits to Mac users, this isn’t the case for GoPro Fusion users.

Although GoPro has discontinued producing the 360 Fusion camera, owners of the device require either the GoPro app or the desktop application, Fusion Studio, to stitch Fusion content. Unfortunately, Fusion Studio is not compatible with Big Sur, and GoPro will not be rolling out any future compatibility support for this platform. It’s also important to note that GoPro is end of lifing support for Fusion, including any future firmware upgrades.

If users are interested maintaining their Fusion-to-Fusion Studio workflow, we recommend they do not upgrade to Big Sur. Fusion Studio software will stay available on for those who may have upgraded and want to downgrade to reinstate support.