Our HERO Alert series celebrates people doing amazing things in their community and using GoPro in innovative ways. When we heard GoPro employee Sonny Prawira's kids were spending their quarantine helping local hospitals bridge the PPE shortage, we had to feature these two young HEROs. We are even more excited to see how they captured their deliveries on GoPro. Dive into their epic story below.

Due to the COVID pandemic, all of Jacqueline and Jordan Prawira’s science competitions have been canceled. This means they have a lighter workload, but you won't find them spending it on the couch. After learning their community was suffering from a shortage in personal protective equipment (PPE), Jacqueline and Jordan shifted their extra time, energy and a whole lot of kindness to repurpose Jordan’s 3D-printer into a PPE-making machine.

3d printing ppe

They started as a self-funded operation, using money from their competitions, Jordan’s filaments and other materials. Once the word was out, requests poured in, and the next thing they knew, it became a full-fledged community project.

By the first week, the number of requests skyrocketed. To keep up, they have been printing 24/7 to maximize production. Their 3D printer is not the best model, but it definitely has been putting forth its best effort printing for the community. They later collaborated with a local engineer to expedite the printing process.

prawira children deliver face masks

Their days are filled with printing, assembling and, then, scheduling the pickup for the face shields. Their science room has now become a face shield production facility. After 6 weeks, over 900 face shields have been distributed and donated to various healthcare providers, frontline workers, elderly and anyone in the neighborhood who could benefit from their efforts. 

prawira kids

Jacqueline and Jordan were recently named as two of the six standout students in San Joaquin County. In their free time, the siblings practice Martial Arts and are 2nd-degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do. 

Jacqueline, 15, is a sophomore at Mountain House High School in Mountain House, Calif. She has been competing in Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad and Academic Pentathlon and Decathlon since the third grade. She has reached national and international levels in Science Fair, as an alumna of the 2017 3M Young Scientist Challenge, 2018 Broadcom MASTERS competition and 2019 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). She is the winner of the $10,000 Marconi/Samueli Prize at the 2018 Broadcom MASTERS competition and won a second place award in the Material Science category at 2019 Intel ISEF. 

Jordan, 13, is an eighth grader at Altamont Elementary School in Mountain House, Calif. He has competed in Science Fairs, Science Olympiads, Math Tournaments and Academic Pentathlon at regional and state levels. He won several top positions in regional and state competitions, such as second place in Alternative Energy category at the California State Science Fair. Most recently, his Logarithmic Wind Turbine science fair project won third place in the National 3M Young Scientist Challenge, allowing him to attend the New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell Ringing Ceremony.