Two Apps Make Mobile Editing Powerfully Simple.

In February of this year, GoPro, Inc. announced the acquisition of two leading mobile video editing apps, Replay and Splice, to deliver ultra-convenient and powerful mobile editing solutions to GoPro and smartphone users worldwide. Today, GoPro is excited to present the new mobile creative suite of Quik™ and Splice, two creative tools to help manage, edit, and share all of the content from your GoPro cameras and mobile devices.  Quik™, the fastest and easiest way to create awesome videos from your GoPro or smartphone footage, offers automated simplicity, while Splice brings desktop editing software power that is perfected for your mobile or tablet. No matter your skill level, Quik™ and Splice enable you to edit like a pro.

In just seconds, you can turn your photos and clips into incredible videos perfectly edited to your chosen soundtrack with Quik™, as it automatically analyzes your footage to find the best moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs it all to the beat of the music.

Choose from 28 unique video styles, each with unique filters, transitions, graphics and fonts. Add another layer to your story with custom text overlays and title slides. You can even add emojis. Set the tone for your video from a diverse library of great music, or use a song from your own library. Whatever song you choose, Quik™ syncs your video to match the beat and emotion of the music.” 

How about getting an edit of your content without even doing anything? Quik™ has you covered. Every Sunday, Quik™ surprises you with ready-to-watch videos made from related moments on your mobile device. Simply open the app to see what’s been created for you, tap “share” to post your video to Instagram, Facebook and more, or save the video to your mobile device. 

Quik™ is available for iOS® on iTunes and Android™ via Google Play—now completely free, with no in-app purchasing.

*Please note that for today's release, it could take up to 24 hours for the apps to update in the App Store and Google Play.


Ready for more manual control? Open Splice, the simplest way to transform your GoPro or iPhone footage into fully customized, professional-looking videos—in just minutes. Splice puts the power of a professional desktop editor at your fingertips, allowing you to choose your favorite moments and customize your video. You can pick your transition style, trim clips, add filters, show off an epic shot in slo-mo, and much more. Splice works great with photos, too. Add a few to your video, and bring them to life with documentary-style effects. Then tie it all together with customizable text overlays and title slides. 

Not only will your video look amazing, it will sound amazing too. Splice offers a huge variety of free soundtracks, or you can use a song from your iTunes library. Trim and mix multiple tracks, and adjust the volume to fine-tune the audio. You can even add fun sound effects, or narrate your video with the built-in voice recorder.

When your video is just the way you want it, you can post it straight to Instagram, Facebook and more, or save it to your phone.

Splice is available free for your iPhone and iPad on iTunes.


*Please note that for today's release, it could take up to 24 hours for the apps to update in the App Store and Google Play.