GoPro is committed to keeping a camera for every user in our lineup. This means, even with HERO8 Black, MAX and the Mods out in the wild, the award-winning HERO7 Black is not going anywhere! And neither is the 4K-enabled HERO7 Silver. These two cameras will round out the 2019 GoPro squad.

HERO7 Black, which comes loaded with the GP1 Chip and first iterations of the standout features on HERO8 Black—i.e. HyperSmooth—and it’s now available for $329. And HERO7 Silver will become the highest quality entry-level GoPro we’ve ever offered, with 4K resolution and the tried-and-true, rugged GoPro promise, at $199.

HERO7 Black and HERO7 Silver are setting the standard for offering the highest-quality features at the perfect prices. In fact, here are some of our favorite features offered on these GoPros. 

HERO7 Black – HyperSmooth

All hail the GP1 Chip. This powerhouse paired with a 5 percent stabilization margin and proprietary rolling shutter correction algorithm, proactively analyzes the bumps, bounces and shakes to deliver silky smooth footie.

HERO7 Black – TimeWarp

Take an otherwise monotonous, real-time video of a road trip recap or scenic walk, and the video is yawn worthy. But speed this up by 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x or 30x and pair it with HERO7 Black’s leading HyperSmooth technology, and you come out with a quick, engaging recap.

HERO7 Black – SuperPhoto

Simply put, SuperPhoto is the most advanced still photo feature ever on a GoPro. It analyzes the scene and automatically selects one of four processing methods to spit out fire every image.

HERO7 Black + Silver – 4K

On HERO7 Black, users reach up to 4K60. And on HERO7 Silver, users top out at 4K30. There’s nothing quite like reliving an adventure in 4K—you’re so immersed, you can practically taste it.

HERO7 Black + Silver – Slo-Mo

Weeeeee loooovvveee slllooowww moootttiiiooonnn (read it slow and you’ll know)! HERO7 Black delivers 8x slo-mo, and HERO7 Silver keeps it real with 2x slo-mo. The best part: You can toggle slo-mo on in the playback gallery and watch right from the camera’s touch screen.

HERO7 Black + Silver – GPS

Slap a GPS sticker on it to show speed, distance and more using the GoPro app. 

And just a reminder, both HERO7 Black and Silver are waterproof without a housing to 33ft (10m), are voice control enabled and have super simple UI navigation.

The 2019 GoPro Lineup:

  1. MAX - $499
  2. HERO8 Black - $399
  3. HERO7 Black - $329
  4. HERO7 Silver - $199
  5. Mods - $79 - $49

We’re stoked to keep these heavy hitters in the 2019 lineup as we shake up the creative landscape with HERO8 Black, MAX and Mods. But don’t be mistaken, with leveled-up versions of HyperSmooth (among the other game-changing features you can learn here), there is nothing shaky about these new GoPro cameras. Across the board, we’re amping to see users redefine what’s possible with a camera.