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How Mason Ho Uses GoPro While Surfing

Jul. 06, 2022


We were honored when Mason Ho hit us up asking if we wanted to see one of his favorite local spots on the North Shore! Naturally, we jumped on the chance to see Mason do his thing—knowing we had an air show, some barrels and strategic rock dodging in our future.

After his sesh, Mason sat down with us to talk about how he uses GoPro for surfing. Read on for some tips from the pro himself!

GoPro: Can you tell us a bit about this video?

Mason: This video shows my favorite part of a morning routine I do on some lucky days. If this surf spot next to my house has waves and the sun is out, I LOVE taking my GoPro with me to capture some memories. 

Is this one of your go-to breaks? 

This spot is always one of my favorites! I love all the rocks and the crystal-clear water. 

Anything unusual happen while filming?

Nothing too unusual ... I did hit a rock or two, but that’s almost every time out there. I also love filming the lips of the waves breaking and crashing. Something always happens unusual then. I like to watch the clips back and slo-mo the water crashing. 

What’s your go-to set up for using GoPro while surfing?

I love using the Bite Mount with my HERO10 Black because it’s so close to my exact point of view. It’s almost like you get to experience exactly what I did. I also enjoy shooting in super high frame rates to get the most slow-motion options possible. 

What are your favorite GoPro mounts and accessories?

I like the Bite Mount and The Handler for surfing. They are both easy to work and very simple to travel with. 

Which GoPro athlete would you want to link with for a day?

Ronnie Renner.

What goals are you working towards right now—any specific competitions, achievements or new personal bests?

I want to get a 20-second barrel with my HERO10 Black. Hopefully this summer! 

What do you hope to inspire in the younger generation of surfers?

I want to inspire the younger generation to have as much fun possible while doing whatever they love! I’d like them to find more ways to enjoy what they love. 

What’s next for you? 

At the moment, my next move is to head into Indonesia for 7 weeks and see what I can find.

Any last thoughts or thank yous?

THANK YOU everybody at GoPro for helping us athletes capture and relive such special moments in our career. Often while chasing our dream, it is easy to forget details of possibly the most beautiful moment we may live, GoPro helps us never forget! 

Thank YOU, Mason!

You can learn more about using GoPro underwater here and get even more inspo from the GoPro Tips page.


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