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Welcome to the Team: Jackson Dorian

Apr. 18, 2022


We’re pumped to welcome surfing standout and ultimate grom Jackson Dorian to the GoPro Surf Team! At just 15 years old, Jackson has an air game that rivals many CT surfers, and his aggressive yet graceful style is landing him top honors in contests around his hometown in Kona, Hawaii.

And, Jackson isn’t the first Dorian to land on the GoPro roster. His father Shane has been a longtime GoPro Family member, so we’re thrilled to keep the tradition going. If Shane is any indication of where Jackson is headed, we’ve got a lot of excellent surfing to watch from the Dorians in the coming years.

We caught up with Jackson recently to see what how he uses GoPro while surfing—or skating and snowboarding in the offseason—and what he’s looking forward to doing with the GoPro Team. Check it out below.

GoPro: What’s your favorite way to use GoPro while surfing?

Jackson: I really like to capture first-person POV, so the Bite Mount is my favorite for that. I also the angle you get from the Surf Mount that attaches the GoPro to the nose of my board. 

What are you looking forward to doing with GoPro now that you’re on the surf team?

I’m stoked to put our consistent content and be able to capture all of our adventures.

Is there a current GoPro athlete that you are most excited to meet/work with?

I’d love to do a trip with Mason; he’s definitely a favorite. He always gets crazy GoPro clips!

What goals are you working toward in surfing right now?

I’m stoked to be part of the Hawaii team for the ISA World Juniors Competition coming up in El Salvador. I haven’t had many comps during COVID, so I’m amped to surf some contests.

You can follow along with Jackson on his Instagram, and stay tuned for more surf videos on the GoPro YouTube Channel.

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