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HERO8 Black





Extra protection for when you give HERO8 hell

Replace damaged protective lenses for your Rollcage (Protective Sleeve + Replaceable Lens for HERO8 Black). They are made from mega-durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass and snap on easily to shield your camera lens from dust and scratches.1

Product Details

  • Protective silicone sleeve safeguards the camera body from scratches and impact
  • Sleeve allows easy access to camera buttons, screens and folding fingers
  • Sleeve won’t interfere with camera mic, ensuring uninterrupted audio capture
  • Integrated replaceable lens safeguards your camera lens from scratches, dirt and debris¹
  • Integrated lens can be easily replaced in case of damage²

¹Nicht für die Verwendung unter Wasser geeignet. Die Bildqualität kann beeinträchtigt werden.

²Rollcage Ersatzschutzobjektive separat erhältlich.