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“A Look at the new GoPro HD 3D Extreme Sports Camera.”
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— The Wall Street Journal

“You think the shots taken with this camera are exciting? Wait until you see them in 3D!” Read Full Review »

“Shooting high-def action footage just got bigger and better with the GoPro 3D Hero System. If you’re not familiar with GoPro already, it’s a wearable HD video camera designed to take a pounding. Strap it to a ski helmet to capture thrilling downhill footage in 1080p, or clip it to a surfboard for a heart-pounding ride through the waves. With the new GoPro 3D Hero System, it gets even more life-like thanks to the Avatar-esque 3D realism.” Read Full Review »
— Photo District News

“Andy Warhol may have been right when he said that, in the future, everyone would be world-famous for 15 minutes. Mount a point-of-view camera to you or your gear, such as the GoPro HD HERO, and with some basic computer skills, you can share your life with a world wide (web) audience. But your fame is about to get a little more real. This March, GoPro will release the world’s first handheld 3D filming technology for consumers, giving your video part the extra pop it deserves.” Read Full Review »

“The result is amazing.”
— Gizmodo

“Amazing 3D Set up… blown away by the GoPro 3D Display.” Read Full Review »
— Dirt Rider

“Editors Pick: Top New Products from SEMA. We’ve use their normal HD video cameras before, we can barely imagine the possibilities with 3D.”
— Truckin’ Magazine