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Molokai World Championships

by Grant Korgan

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My name is Grant Korgan. On March 5th 2010, I burst fractured my L1 vertebra on the snow in the Sierra back country I sustained a Spinal Cord Injury and instantly entered the world of SCI recovery. Just under three years ago, I began this journey with zero feeling or movement below my belly button and through hard work, choosing to recover, believing I could manifest movement, and with the love of my incredible wife Shawna, the High Fives Foundation, Spine Nevada, Sponsors, friends, family, and an incredible community of supporters, I am honored to say that I have earned my feeling and movement all the way back down to my knees! I believe in 120% recovery, and in May of 2012, International surfski superstar Dylan Thomas and I paddled together across the Molokai Channel in the 2012 Molokai World Championships!!! MadLuv - Grant Facebook: korg3.0movement Twitter: @grantkorgan @korgmovement View More