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HD-SDI Converter Compatibility with HERO3+ Cameras

We have tested the following HD-SDI converters and the HERO3+ Black Edition and HERO3+ Silver Edition are both compatible with them: Atomos Connect HDMI/HD-SDI converter BlackMagic Mini Converter HDMI to SDI  The supported resolutions are dependent on what these converters can support.  For example we have found that using 720-120 outputs 720-60 successfully.

Tethering Instructions For Housings Without a Slot on the Hinge of the Backdoor

If you have a housing that does not have an exposed slot on the hinge of the backdoor, then there is an alternate tethering procedure that you can use.  Please follow these steps: Loop the tether around one mounting finger of the camera housing. Fix the housing to the quick-release with thumbscrew. Loop the tether through the adhesive anchor. This applies to the Blackout Housing. Here is an image showing how it appears when the tether is attached properly:

Video Tutorial - Charging Your Camera and Accessories

Properly charging your camera and accessories is essential for having a great day out there shooting videos and photos. This demonstrations highlights best practices for charging and preserving your battery. MusicBroke for Free "Note Drop"Check out: http://brokeforfree.com/ Learn more about your cameras battery life, click on the links below for a full description of battery life expectancies.  HERO3+  HERO3 HD HERO2, HD HERO Origina, and HD HERO 960

HERO3+ Camera Comparison

This article compares the features of the HERO3+ Black Edition, HERO3+ Silver Edition, and the HERO3: White Edition.

Have an Idea or Suggestion for GoPro?

We are always stoked to hear from the GoPro community and we welcome your enthusiasm about us and what we are doing.  If you have an idea or a suggestion  for us, we encourage you to check out this page:  Connect with GoPro.

Compatible HDMI Recorders with HERO3+ Black Edition

Question Which broadcasting products have been proven to work with the HERO3+ Black Edition? Where does it apply? HERO3+ Black Edition Various HDMI Recorders Answer Here are the following devices we have seen will work with the HERO3+ cameras: Blackmagic Shuttle Thunderbolt Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder  Atomos Ninja 2 HDMI recorder Atomos Ninja Blade HDMI recorder