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Mobile Device Disconnects from the Camera's Wi-Fi

If you are experiencing a problem where your phone or tablet is disconnecting from your camera's Wi-Fi network, this FAQ should help top resolve the problem. Here are some of the messages that you may receive on your mobile device: Avoided poor internet connection Internet connection is unstable Internet not available Network disabled, poor connection Network disabled because internet connection is slow Poor Connection / Connection Lost Follow these steps to try and resolve the problem: Forget the camera's wireless network via the mobile devices wireless settings, the re-add the camera's wireless... Read More »

HERO3+ Files do not Play Back Properly with QuickTime in Mac OS 10.9

  QuickTime in Mac OS 10.9 does not always play back HERO3+ files properly. Apple is currently looking into this issue.  The workaround would be to download QuickTime 7 from Apple's website, as the older version is still available. QuickTime will play source files from the HERO3+, and it will also play files converted with GoPro Studio. Another option is to download VLC Media Player. This will play source files from the HERO3+, but it will not play files converted with GoPro Studio since it does not support the CFHD codec.  ... Read More »

Internal Microphone Disabled when the Combo Cable is Attached

When a combo cable is attached to a HERO3 or HERO3+ camera the internal microphone in the camera is automatically disabled.  The reason for this is that the Combo Cable allows for an external microphone to be connected, so the internal mic is turned off.  

Software Update Instructions for HERO3+ Cameras

This article instructs you how to update your HERO3+ camera's software. You can update your camera from the gopro.com website or you can use the GoPro App to update wirelessly.  If you want to use the GoPro App, check out this page.  Continue reading of you want to download from the website. You will use this process if you are updating to a newer camera software version or if you are re-updating to the existing version already on your camera. Some reasons that you'd want to manually re-update the camera's software... Read More »

HERO3+ Camera Battery-life

The charts below indicates the approximate continuous recording time (hr:min) you can expect when shooting in various video modes using a fully-charged battery. HERO3+ Black Edition  With Wi-Fi OffWith Wi-Fi On + Using Wi-Fi RemoteWith Wi-Fi On Using GoPro AppWith Wi-Fi Off + Using LCD Touch BacPac Video ModeEstimated TimeEstimated TimeEstimated TimeEstimated Time 4k 15 fps 2:00 1:50 1:20 1:25 2.7k 30fps 1:40 1:35 1:10 1:15 1440 48 fps 1:50 1:40 1:10 1:20 1080p 60fps 1:30 1:20 1:00 1:10 1080p 30fps 2:00 1:50 1:20 1:25 720p 120fps 1:55 1:45 1:15 1:20... Read More »

Problems Downloading Camera Software Updates

If you are having difficulty downloading the latest software update for your HERO3 or HERO3+ camera, it may be due to the browser that you are using. We have seen some problems when using Internet Explorer. Here are some specific issues we have seen... Read More »

HERO3+ Recording Time in Each Video Setting

Recording time will vary according to the resolution setting used and the card capacity. Here are the average recording storage times for HERO3 cameras with a 64GB SD card. Note #1: If you are using a 32 GB SD card, these average record times would be half as large. Note #2: These are not battery life estimates, it these are storage capacity estimates for the SD card.  For battery life estimates, see this article: HERO3+ Camera Battery-life.   HERO3+ Black Edition HERO3+  Silver Edition 4K 17:9  3h   n/a 4K  3h   n/a... Read More »

Video Tutorial - Using the Rubber Locking Plug and Camera Tether

The rubber locking plug and the camera tethers are useful tools to reduce vibration and secure your camera while shooting videos or photos. Watch a demonstration of how to use these two accessories below. MusicBroke for Free "My Always Mood"Check out: http://brokeforfree.com/ The Rubber Locking Plug comes with all GoPro Cameras and the GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts. The camera tether comes with the SurfBoard Mount, the Floaty Backdoor, the Grab Bag of Mounts, and the Camera Tethers package. The Rubber Locking Plug is compatible with the GoPro Quick Release Buckle and helps... Read More »

Video Tutorial - Formatting your SD Card from your GoPro Camera’s Settings Menu

Formatting your SD card in the GoPro camera is the best way to remove old video and photos files. When you format your SD card in your camera the original file structure and partitions are restored so that the SD card will continue to properly communicate with the camera. Watch the demonstration below showing how to format your SD card. MusicBroke for Free "Murmur"Check out: http://brokeforfree.com/ For written instruction on how to format your SD card in your GoPro camera click on the camera model below: HERO3+ and HERO3  HD HERO2 ... Read More »

HERO3 and HERO3+ File Naming Convention

Here's a table indicating the file-naming convention for various recording types: Recording Type Filename Example Single Video Single Photo GOPRxxxx.mp4 GOPRxxxx.jpg ‘xxxx’ = file number GOPR1234.mp4 GOPR0002.jpg Chaptered Video GPzzxxxx.mp4 ‘xxxx’ = file number ‘zz’ = chapter number GOPR1234.mp4 (first video) GP011234.mp4 (1st chapter of the original video) GP021234.mp4 (2nd chapter of the same video) Burst Time-Lapse Photo Looping Video Gyyyxxxx.jpg ‘xxxx’ = file number ‘yyy’ = group number Burst shot (10x pics): G0231111.jpg – G0231120.jpg   Time-lapse shot (100x pics): G0241121.jpg – G0241221.jpg   3D Recording 3D_Lxxxx.mp4 (left camera) 3D_Rxxxx.mp4 (right camera)... Read More »