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Capturing Time-lapse Photos and Recording Video at the Same Time with the Dual HERO System

You can capture time-lapse photos and record video at the same time when using Dual HERO Mode. Dual Hero Mode enables the user to capture video from the master camera while separately recording full 12mp time-lapse from the slave camera. Both cameras will display their individual status screens for the respective mode that they are shooting in (video for master and time-lapse for slave).

Unable to Delete 3D Files or Format an SD Card From the GoPro App

This is a normal, designed feature to eliminate the risk of loosing desired 3D footage. You can’t delete 3D files or format the SD card from the App. The trash can and formatting options will no longer be available in the App when connected to a Dual HERO System.

Unable to Set Time-Lapse to 0.5 and 1 Second With the Dual HERO System

This is normal. The fastest interval for capturing Time-Lapse photos with the Dual HERO System is 2 seconds.

How to Use Burst Mode With the Dual HERO System

With the Dual HERO System, each camera will take a burst of 30 photos in 1 second. After importing, the images will not be automatically synced for 3D. You can manually pair the two burst .jpg files when in Import window of GoPro Studio, then once they are converted GoPro Studio will add the 3D convergence for the 3D look.

Does the GoPro Dual HERO System Support Active or Passive 3D?

GoPro 3D supports both Active and Passive 3D displays. When exporting from GoPro Studio the customer should select the side-by-side option for YouTube 3D. The respective TV will know how to overlay the images to create a 3D video. Active Display Active Shutter TVs use electronic shutter glasses that are synchronized with your TV to only let each eye see one alternating image (left and right) at a time. The left and right images flash so quickly that the human eye is tricked into seeing both left and right images as... Read More »

Dual HERO System Workflow - Working With GoPro Studio

File preparation On your desktop, please create a new folder where you plan to save your 3D video and photos, converted files, and project file. Once the folder is created, plug the USB cable into the mini USB port on your Dual HERO BacPac (with the two cameras connected) and connect the other end to your computer. If the two cameras are initially off, they will display two solid red lights indicating a charge. Press the Mode Button on the Master camera and it will prompt both cameras to mount on... Read More »

Tethering Instructions For Housings Without a Slot on the Hinge of the Backdoor

If you have a housing that does not have an exposed slot on the hinge of the backdoor, then there is an alternate tethering procedure that you can use. Please follow these steps: Loop the tether around one mounting finger of the camera housing. Fix the housing to the quick-release with thumbscrew. Loop the tether through the adhesive anchor. This applies to the Blackout Housing. Here is an image showing how it appears when the tether is attached properly:

Waterproof Rating for the Dual HERO System

The Dual HERO System is approved at the same underwater rating as the Dive Housing, down to 197ft/60meters.

Video Tutorial - Charging Your Camera and Accessories

Properly charging your camera and accessories is essential for having a great day out there shooting videos and photos. This demonstrations highlights best practices for charging and preserving your battery. MusicBroke for Free "Note Drop"Check out: http://brokeforfree.com/ Learn more about your cameras battery life, click on the links below for a full description of battery life expectancies. HERO3+ HERO3 HD HERO2, HD HERO Origina, and HD HERO 960

HERO3+ Camera Comparison

HERO3+ Camera Comparison