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Downgrading Your HD HERO2 Camera Software

The HD HERO2 camera software is not designed to be downgraded.  Putting an earlier camera software version on the camera will break it, making it inoperable.  As such, we do not support downgrading your camera software to an earlier version.  Breaking your camera by downgrading the camera software is not something that is covered under our manufacturer's warranty.  

What are .cpgz Files?

You may see a .cpgz file if you double-click on one of the software update .bin files on a Mac. When you double-click on the .bin file the computer tries to automatically copy the file resulting in this .cpgz file. You do not need this file. Please delete it and make sure that the trashcan is emptied before proceeding with the software update. If you need assistance installing the update, please see the following articles: HERO3 Manual Software Update Instructions for HERO3 Cameras HERO2 HD HERO2 Camera Software Update with GoPro... Read More »

Controlling HD HERO Original Cameras and HD HERO2 Cameras with one Wi-Fi Remote

It is possible to control both HD HERO Original cameras, and HD HERO2 cameras with a single Wi-Fi Remote.  Each camera will need to have a Wi-Fi BacPac that is paired with the single remote.

3D HERO System Compatibility

The 3D HERO System is currently compatible with HD HERO Original camera and the HD HERO2 camera.  It is not compatible with the Standard Definition HERO camera or the HD HERO 960 camera.  You will need to update your camera's software before using the 3D HERO System. HD HERO Original Camera Software Update HD HERO2 Camera Software Update

Red Blinking Lights Are Not Synced During Recording

The red lights do not indicate that the two cameras are in or out of sync. Since this feature can be turned off in the settings menu (BLO/BLF) they are not a requirement to indicate synced recording. You may find that in some instances they match up, and others do not.

Coming Soon! Message when Selecting Phone & Tablet

If you see the "Coming soon!" message when you try to select Phone & Tablet in your HD HERO2 camera's Wi-Fi settings menu, this means you need to update your HD HERO2 camera's software.  If you're trying to use the GoPro App, you'll also need to make sure that your Wi-Fi BacPac's software is up-to-date. Check out our GoPro App software updates page for instructions on updating your HD HERO2 camera and Wi-Fi BacPac. You also might want to check out our Getting Started with the GoPro App article to familiarize... Read More »

What to do if the Camera or Wi-Fi Update Fails

If the camera or Wi-Fi software update fails, you can try the following steps to fix the problem: Power off the camera. Reformat the SD card in the camera or in the computer. Redo the software update manually through the software updater. Try a different SD card if possible. Follow the links below for instructions on how to manually update the camera software. HERO3 Manual Firmware Update Instructions HD HERO2 Manual Firmware Update Instructions

HD HERO2 Camera Accessory Compatibility

All of the mounts and Premium Accessories for the HD HERO Original camera and HD HERO 960 camera are fully compatible with the HERO2 camera. This includes the Lithium Ion batteries, along with the HD Housing options.  

Unable to Combine the HD HERO Original Camera with the HD HERO2 Camera in the 3D HERO System

You can only combine two of the HD HERO2 units or two of the HD HERO Original units together to use with the 3D HERO System.  The two cameras must be the same type for the 3D HERO System.

HD HERO2 File Chaptering Information

When taking a video recording, the camera will automatically segment into a new file chapter once it has reached approximately 1.99 GB in size. When put together with editing software these files will play seamlessly as if they were never chaptered. When played back from the camera directly they will also play through as one continuation. This chaptering is intentional and there is no way to keep the camera from doing so. HD HERO2 cameras divide chapters like this so that in the event of a jolt or crash that causes... Read More »