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Choppy Video Playback on Mobile Devices

In some cases you may notice that video is choppy when playing back higher resolution videos that have been downloaded through the GoPro App and played back on a phone. Some phones can have a difficult time playing back high resolution video smoothly. If playback is choppy the actual video file is likely fine, it is just a playback issue on the specific phone and will likely play back smoothly on other players As a workaround, you can try using 1080-30 or downloading the low resolution videos instead. For more information,... Read More »

HD HERO2 Camera Does not Power OFF After v.198 Software Update Using CineForm Studio

In some cases, the HD HERO2 camera powers ON once the first part of the software update process is completed in CineForm Studio.  At this point, CineForm Studio instructs you to disconnect the camera from the computer and power it ON so that the update can complete.  Since the camera is already ON, the instructions can be confusing.  Here's what you should do to allow the software update to complete successfully: 1.  Disconnect the camera from the computer.  Leave the SD card in the camera, and DO NOT reformat it. 2.... Read More »

Controlling HD HERO Original Cameras and HD HERO2 Cameras with one Wi-Fi Remote

It is possible to control both HD HERO Original cameras, and HD HERO2 cameras with a single Wi-Fi Remote.  Each camera will need to have a Wi-Fi BacPac that is paired with the single remote.

HD HERO2 Camera & LCD BacPac Repair Available

Unfortunately there has been an issue with an older version of the HD HERO2 camera software, which would sometimes prevent the camera and BacPac from properly communicating, that then causes the LCD BacPac to not fully power on.   We have released a newer software for the camera, which prevents this from ever happening, and also repairs communication with the BacPac if it has failed for you.  Please take a look at the LCD BacPac Black Screen with HD HERO2 camera article for instructions on how to fix your LCD BacPac.

HERO2 - External Microphone Records in Mono Audio

External microphones connected to the HERO2 take approximately 5 seconds until they are properly recognized. If you start recording right away after connecting your external mic to an already powered on HERO2, the audio will be recorded with mono audio. You may also notice a "tearing" sound at the beginning of the clip. The best practice to ensure that this does not happen is to follow this procedure: Power on the camera. Insert the external microphone. After about 5 seconds have elapsed, begin recording. This will ensure that the audio is... Read More »

What are .cpgz Files?

You may see a .cpgz file if you double-click on one of the software update .bin files on a Mac. When you double-click on the .bin file the computer tries to automatically copy the file resulting in this .cpgz file. You do not need this file. Please delete it and make sure that the trashcan is emptied before proceeding with the software update. If you need assistance installing the update, please see the following articles: HERO3 Manual Software Update Instructions for HERO3 Cameras HERO2 HD HERO2 Camera Software Update with GoPro... Read More »

HD HERO2 Camera Software Update Available

A software update version HD2.08.12.312 has been released for the HD HERO2 camera. This update adds:Improved system stability GoPro App feature integration Wi-Fi BacPac improvements Addressed One Button Mode issues Resolved firmware update issues Click here to go to the HD HERO2 Camera Software Update page.  Please take a look at the LCD BacPac Black Screen with HD HERO2 camera article for instructions on how to fix your LCD BacPac.

Editing Videos from the HD HERO2 Camera and the HD HERO Original Camera in the Same Timeline

You can edit video from the HD HERO Original camera into the same timeline as video from the HD HERO2 camera.  The video formats are the same so the files can be easily edited together.  The file format is MP4 and uses H.264 compression.

GoPro App: Preview Window Flashes Green and/or Purple

When the camera preview window flashes green and/or purple, this means that preview has been lost temporarily. Don’t worry though… If camera control or preview is lost, the camera will remain in the last triggered state. This means that it will not stop recording if it was recording when the App’s connection was lost. This issue should be resolved with the latest version of the GoPro App, so make sure that you have updated. In order to properly use the latest version of the GoPro App, you will also need to... Read More »

3D HERO System Compatibility

The 3D HERO System is currently compatible with HD HERO Original camera and the HD HERO2 camera.  It is not compatible with the Standard Definition HERO camera or the HD HERO 960 camera.  You will need to update your camera's software before using the 3D HERO System. HD HERO Original Camera Software Update HD HERO2 Camera Software Update