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Memory Card Won't Click In

You may not be inserting the SD card in far enough for it to properly lock into place.  Use a fingernail or the side of a coin to push the card in past flush until you hear a clicking sound.  Here is a quick instructional on correct insertion and removal of the card: You want to look at the camera with the lens facing up and 'HERO' logo on the bottom right... Insert the memory card with the metal contacts going into the slot first and away from you.  In other... Read More »

Video Playback with the LCD Touch BacPac or HDMI Displays "File Not Supported"

The "File Not Supported" message will appear if an individual chapter from a multi-chapter video was deleted on a computer, and an attempt is made for that video to be played back with an LCD Touch BacPac or over HDMI. If you wish to play back footage using an LCD Touch BacPac or over HDMI output the best practice is to not delete individual chapters of a multi-chapter video.

Shooting 5 MP Photos vs. Shooting 11 MP Photos

Changing the photo settings in the setting menu from 11MP to 8MP or 5MP can free up memory on your SD card which will allow you to capture a larger quantity of photos.  You are balancing the number of photos stored versus the quality of the image.

Shortened Camera Battery-life

The batteries used in the HD HERO cameras need to be power cycled a few times when they're new before you'll get the full battery-life out of them. To power cycle your battery, please charge until full and deplete by recording a video with the camera.  Repeat this three times.  Your battery-life should then be about 2 hours of continuous recording. If you continue to have shortened battery-life, please contact GoPro Customer Support.

Recording in the Standard PAL 25/50fps Rates

Yes, provided that your HD HERO Original camera is loaded with the latest software update, you will be able to switch between NTSC and PAL recording.  The HD HERO2 camera has this ability out of the box, without doing a software update.   Whenever you have PAL selected in the settings menu of the camera, the camera will record at the standard PAL frame rates of 25 or 50 fps.  This functionality makes it easier to edit the HD HERO camera HD HERO2 camera videos together with any other videos recorded... Read More »

HD HERO2 Camera Software Update Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any issues updating your HD HERO2 camera, please read through the below troubleshooting steps to help get the update process completed successfully: To start, ensure the camera's battery is fully charged.  The camera then needs to be powered on and in USB mode when connected to your computer via the supplied USB cable. Update starts, but fails.  If the update progress bar either freezes, triggers an update failed error, or no SD card error, then check the following: Security settings – make sure you do not have... Read More »

External Microphone Recommendations for the HD HERO2 Camera

We do not have an official list of recommended external microphones to use with the HD HERO2, however our own production team has largely been using Lavalier microphones for their purposes.  The port is a 3.5mm jack and supplies a 2.5V bias.  

How to: Wi-Fi & HD HERO2 Software updates

Please watch the below video for a review of how to update your HD HERO camera, Wi-Fi BacPac, and Wi-Fi Remote.  Should you have any issues with the update process, please click the appropriate link below for further assistance: Click here for Wi-Fi BacPac update troubleshooting. Click here for Wi-Fi Remote update troubleshooting. Click here for HD HERO2 update troubleshooting.

Camera Compatibility with Battery BacPac

The HD HERO2 camera and the HD HERO Original camera are compatible with the Battery BacPac.  The HD HERO2 camera will work with the Battery BacPac out of the box.  A software update is required for the HD HERO Original camera to work with the Battery BacPac.  To update your HD HERO Original camera software, please go to the HD HERO Original Camera Software Update page. Once you find the LCO/LCF option in your HD HERO Original camera's Settings menu, your camera should work with the Battery BacPac. Please note that... Read More »

How Do I View My Camera's Battery Level in the GoPro App?

If you are connected to your camera you find the battery percentage level in the Settings menu. You can enter settings by pressing the wrench icon in the lower right of the Command and Control screen.