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HD HERO2 Camera Does not Power OFF After v.198 Software Update Using GoPro Studio

In some cases, the HD HERO2 camera powers ON once the first part of the software update process is completed in GoPro Studio. At this point, GoPro Studio instructs you to disconnect the camera from the computer and power it ON so that the update can complete. Since the camera is already ON, the instructions can be confusing. Here's what you should do to allow the software update to complete successfully: 1. Disconnect the camera from the computer. Leave the SD card in the camera, and DO NOT reformat it. 2.... Read More »

Battery BacPac Software Support

Battery BacPac + Original HD HERO Camera If you are using the Battery BacPac™ with the Original HD HERO camera, software update version 54 or later is required and needs to be installed on your on your HD HERO camera. Click here to download and install the most current software version » Battery BacPac + HD HERO2 Camera If you are using the Battery BacPac with the HD HERO2 camera, the Battery BacPac is compatible with the HD HERO2 camera out of the box and NO software update is required. Click... Read More »

Delay Between Camera and Remote at Power-on

It should take about 3-5 seconds for the camera to power on once the power button is pressed on the Wi-Fi Remote. If the camera does not power on, check for the following: Make sure that the WiFi BacPac and remote are paired, and that a connection is recognized. Make sure that the camera, Wi-Fi BacPac, and Remote batteries are fully charged. Remember that you need to charge the Wi-Fi BacPac by connecting it to a computer, USB charger, or auto charger directly. It can't be charged through the camera. If... Read More »

Wi-Fi BacPac has No Power After Software Update

If a glitch occurred during the update, it can leave you unable to power on the Wi-Fi BacPac or connect to it in GoPro Studio. We have a version of GoPro Studio that will allow you to re-establish connection so that you can update the BacPac. Mac PC Install the new version of GoPro Studio and retry the update. You'll see that the Wi-Fi BacPac Version is listed as "Unavailable - Reconnect". That's OK. Click the UPDATE button anyway, and the update should complete successfully.After you recover the Wi-Fi BacPac, please... Read More »

What are .cpgz Files?

You may see a .cpgz file if you double-click on one of the software update .bin files on a Mac. When you double-click on the .bin file the computer tries to automatically copy the file resulting in this .cpgz file. You do not need this file. Please delete it and make sure that the trashcan is emptied before proceeding with the software update. If you need assistance installing the update, please see the following articles: HERO3 Software Update Instructions for HERO3 Cameras Manual Software Update Instructions for HERO3 Cameras HERO2 HD... Read More »

Battery BacPac Not Showing a 2 by the Battery Icon

If you have a HD HERO Original camera, you may need to download new firmware using the Battery BacPac. If the number 2 does not appear on the front status screen when the Battery BacPac is fully charged after being attached to the camera. Please update your HD HERO Original camera's firmware and follow the instructions to upload the new software to your camera. The HD HERO2 does not require a firmware update for the Battery BacPac to function properly.

TV Requirements for Viewing 3D

You do not need a special TV to view 3D in Anaglyph (Red/Blue). If you happen to have a 3DTV, it is designed for either Active or Passive display of 3D content. If your 3DTV glasses require that you turn them on and off, you have an Active 3DTV. If your glasses are polarized and don’t require powering on and off, then you have a Passive 3DTV. All 3DTVs and 2D TVs can display Anaglyph 3D content.

Coming Soon! Message when Selecting Phone & Tablet

If you see the "Coming soon!" message when you try to select Phone & Tablet in your HD HERO2 camera's Wi-Fi settings menu, this means you need to update your HD HERO2 camera's software. If you're trying to use the GoPro App, you'll also need to make sure that your Wi-Fi BacPac's software is up-to-date. Check out our this page for instructions on updating your HD HERO2 camera and Wi-Fi BacPac. You also might want to check out our Getting Started with the GoPro App article to familiarize yourself with using... Read More »

No Audio Recorded with HD HERO2 Using an External Microphone

If the HD HERO2 camera is not recording any audio, it could be a one-time glitch being caused by a bad connection in the microphone port on the camera. Please try the following: Remove the battery from the camera. Insert and remove the microphone jack from the microphone port on the camera. Reinsert the battery into the camera. Power on the camera once more.

Problems Downloading Camera Software Updates

If you are having difficulty downloading the latest software update for your HERO3 or HERO3+ camera, it may be due to the browser that you are using. We have seen some problems when using Internet Explorer. Here are some specific issues we have seen: The Next Step button is not clickable after entering your camera serial number, name, and email address. The button to download the camera software update is not generated. If you are running into either of these issues, try downloading the camera software using Google Chrome or Mozilla... Read More »