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Turning Off One Button Mode

If your camera automatically starts taking a video recording upon powering it on, the camera has One Button Mode enabled. This will be indicated by your camera's LCD screen blinking and the red LED blinking on the front of the camera. If you do not want One Button mode enabled, this article will explain how to disable it. HD HERO (Original) To exit one button mode, please turn on the camera so it starts either recording or taking the photos. While it is doing so, press and hold the shutter button... Read More »

HD HERO2 Camera + Wi-Fi BacPac™ + Wi-Fi Remote + GoPro App Update

Software updates to your GoPro products are sent through GoPro Studio, an editing tool that makes it easy to create professional quality clips from your GoPro content. More Info:Update Tutorial Video » Step 01: Download + Open GoPro Studio 2.0 Download GoPro Studio here. If you already have GoPro Studio installed, no need to download. Simply open GoPro Studio and follow prompts to upgrade to version 1.2. After installing, open GoPro Studio. Step 02: Update your HD HERO2 camera Insert SD Card into camera. Power ON your HD HERO2 camera. Plug... Read More »

How to Check Your Camera's Software Version

With the newer camera software versions, the camera will briefly show the version number on the camera's front LCD screen upon power it ON. This is the easiest way to determine the version that the camera is running on. You can also find out what software version is installed on your HD HERO2 camera or HERO3/3+ camera by looking in your SD card's version.txt file. Follow these steps to check your camera's software version: Reformat your SD card in the camera, by using the delete all/reformat function in the settings menu.... Read More »

How to Find the Root Level of Your SD Card

During camera software updates, you're sometimes asked to drag files to the root level of your SD card. Sounds simple enough right? That is, unless you don't know what the root level of an SD card is. Just in case you don't, here's an explanation of what we mean by that. The "root level" is another way to say the "main", "parent" or "top" folder of your SD card. You access the root level through your computer. Here are steps for how to access the root level: 1. Connect the SD... Read More »

Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver Installation - Windows 7 & Vista

This article describes the process to properly install the device driver for the Wifi BacPac in Windows 7 and Vista. If you connect a powered on Wi-Fi BacPac and GoPro Studio does not show it in the Device Window, this article applies to you. Step 1- Turn off User Account Control (UAC) Instructions for Windows 7 Instructions for Windows Vista Step 2 - Confirm that the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed on your computer To check if the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed, follow the below steps:... Read More »

Charging the Battery BacPac

The Original Battery BacPac and Battery BacPac2 add additional battery life to the HD HERO Original,HD HERO2, and HERO3 cameras increasing the recording time. You can charge the Battery BacPac and the camera separately as they each have their own respective USB port, or you can do what is called pass-through charging and charge the Battery BacPac and camera at the same time by connecting the USB cable to the camera with the Battery BacPac connected. Doing it this way will charge the camera first and then the Battery BacPac. Note... Read More »

HD HERO2 HDMI Feed To External Monitor Settings

When you connect your HD HERO2 camera to an external monitor with an HDMI cable, your camera should automatically go into live-feed mode. This means that the monitor will display what the camera's image sensor sees. If your monitor is not displaying the signal, it may not be compatible with the HD HERO2 camera's HDMI output. Here is a list of the HDMI output settings for the HD HERO2 camera: NTSC HDMI output settings: WVGA 60fps output: 480p 60fps WVGA 120fps output: 480p 60fps 720p 30fps output: 720p 60fps 720p 60fps... Read More »

Manual Software Update for HD HERO2 Camera

If you need to redo your camera software update, or you can't get the softwarwe update to work through GoPro Studio 2.0, you can update your HERO2 camera's software manually. Here's how to manually update your HD HERO2 camera software to the most current software version (HD2.08.12.312.WIFI.R68.02): Reformat your SD card in the camera with the Delete ALL/Format function in the settings menu. Download the HD2-firmware.bin file. Don't open the file once it downloads. Place the file on the root level of the SD card. Here's the link. Once you confirm... Read More »

Battery-life with Wi-Fi Accessories

Wi-Fi BacPac battery-life: The Wi-Fi BacPac's internal Li-Ion battery lasts for 3-4 hours of continuous use. Wi-Fi Remote battery-life: The Wi-Fi Remote's internal Li-Ion battery lasts for 5-6 hours of continuous use. The remote's battery-life indicator icon always displays on the remote LCD screen when the remote is powered on. If the remote is paired to more than one camera, the battery-life indicator icon always displays at the bottom of the remote's LCD screen. HERO2 Camera battery-life: The HD HERO2 camera's battery-life is not affected by the Wi-Fi BacPac. It lasts... Read More »

Video Tutorial: How to Start Using Your HD HERO2 Camera

Check out the below video tutorial to learn how to start using your HD HERO2 camera.