Update Products with GoPro Studio:

Current Camera Software: HD2.08.12.312.WIFI.R68.00
Release Date: 07/29/2013
Changes: Improved system stability, GoPro App feature integration, Addressed One Button Mode issues, Resolved firmware update issues.

To update your HD HERO2 camera, please download GoPro Studio.  You can download GoPro Studio here.

The HD HERO2 camera software update process varies based on computer operating system.

Before downloading, please verify the operating system version of your computer. Then, select the corresponding platform below.

Once downloaded, save the software bundle to your desktop, unzip the contents, & install GoPro Studio.

Once installed, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure your HD HERO2 camera is:
    1. Turned OFF
    2. Unplugged from computer
    3. Loaded with an SD card
    4. Battery is well charged
  2. Insert SD card into your HD HERO2 camera.
  3. Turn ON your HD HERO2 camera.
  4. If your camera or SD card has not been used before, take a test photo or short video clip.
  5. Connect your HD HERO2 camera to your computer with USB cable.
  6. Open GoPro Studio software application.
  7. If an update is available, a dialog box will appear — click “Update”.
  8. GoPro Studio will automatically download and install the new firmware onto your HD HERO2 camera.  If the update does not start automatically, try this process:
    1. Press and hold the shutter button on the camera.
    2. While holding the shutter button press the front mode button to power on the camera.
    3. Once the camera powers on, while still holding the shutter button, press the front mode button 3 times.  The update should start.
NOTE: GoPro Studio updates the HD HERO2 cameras ONLY. This software will NOT update the HERO3 cameras, HD HERO Original cameras, or HD HERO 960 cameras.
To Update HERO3 cameras, please visit the HERO3 Software Update Page.