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3D HERO System Compatibility

The 3D HERO System is currently compatible with HD HERO Original camera and the HD HERO2 camera.  It is not compatible with the Standard Definition HERO camera or the HD HERO 960 camera.  You will need to update your camera's software before using the 3D HERO System. HD HERO Original Camera Software Update HD HERO2 Camera Software Update

Red Blinking Lights Are Not Synced During Recording

The red lights do not indicate that the two cameras are in or out of sync. Since this feature can be turned off in the settings menu (BLO/BLF) they are not a requirement to indicate synced recording. You may find that in some instances they match up, and others do not.

Video Tutorial - Formatting your SD Card from your GoPro Camera’s Settings Menu

Formatting your SD card in the GoPro camera is the best way to remove old video and photos files. When you format your SD card in your camera the original file structure and partitions are restored so that the SD card will continue to properly communicate with the camera. Watch the demonstration below showing how to format your SD card. MusicBroke for Free "Murmur"Check out: http://brokeforfree.com/ For written instruction on how to format your SD card in your GoPro camera click on the camera model below: HERO3+ and HERO3  HD HERO2 ... Read More »

Formatting an SD Card with the HD HERO Original Camera

This article explains how to navigate though the camera’s settings menu to reformat the SD card.  To navigate though the menu, use the front (Power) button to move through the various menu options and the top (Shutter) button to select them.   For a video demonstration on how to format the SD card using your GoPro camera, check out this article:  Formatting your SD Card from your GoPro Camera’s Settings Menu. Here are the steps to reformat your SD card with your HD HERO Original:  Power ON your camera with the... Read More »