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Recommended USB Ports

When you connect your camera or BacPac to your desktop computer, we recommend that you use a USB port on the back of the computer. USB ports on the back of a computer are more reliable than USB ports on the front. Also, we recommend against connecting to USB ports on keyboards, monitors, and USB hubs.

Premium Accessory compatibility with the HD HERO 960 Camera

The Premium Accessories are not compatible with the HD HERO 960 camera as they require the HERO Bus port to successfully pair with the camera, a feature the HD HERO 960 camera does not have. Premium Accessories are as follows: LCD BacPac Battery BacPac Wi-Fi BacPac + Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit All other mounting accessories are compatible with the HD HERO 960 camera.

HD HERO Original is Stuck in 'tEL' Mode

If your LCD screen is displaying the 'tEL' icon, it is to indicate that the camera is connected to a TV via the HD or AV component cables for photo/video playback.If 'tEL' is being displayed while no HD or AV cable is connected to the camera, then there is a fault. It could be a one time glitch being caused by a bad connection in the TV port in the camera. Please try the following: Remove the battery from the camera. Insert and remove the HD and AV component cables from... Read More »

Audio Problems After Using Battery BacPac with the HD HERO Original Camera

If you have a problem with your camera's audio after using the Battery BacPac, it's likely that you haven't successfully updated your camera's software to be able to function with the Battery BacPac. Once you find the LCO/LCF settings on your camera, you know that the camera software is properly installed and it will be ready to function with the Battery BacPac. Please check out the Updating the Software in the HD HERO Original Camera page for instructions on how to update your camera's software.

No Software Update for the HD HERO 960 Camera

The HD HERO 960 camera was produced and shipped with all of the camera features so no software update has ever been required.

HD HERO Original Camera Makes Clicking Noise with the LCD BacPac

The HD HERO Original camera will make a clicking noise if the LCD BacPac is attached if you haven't first updated your HD HERO Original camera's software. If you do not see the LCO/LCF options in your camera's settings menu, then you'll need to update your camera's software. Please remove the LCD BacPac and battery. Reinsert the battery only. Next, please update your HD HERO Original camera's software. Once you've completed the camera software update, you should be able to use your camera with the LCD BacPac.

HD HERO Original & HD HERO2 Does Not Power On

What's the issue? The camera does not power on Where does it apply? HD HERO Original HD HERO2 How to fix it Disconnect any BacPac accessories or cables from the camera and also remove the camera's battery and SD card. Then, follow these troubleshooting steps: With no battery in the camera, use the GoPro USB cable to connect your camera to a USB port directly on your computer or to a USB wall charger that outputs 5V and 1A. Once connected to a charging source, you should see the red LED... Read More »

GoPro Sticker Requests

We are stoked you want to slap some stickers on your gear! Fill out the request form and we will have some sent out to you. Due to limited inventory, we can only accept one request per customer every 3 months.

Premium Accessory Compatibility

The following table shows Premium Accessory compatibility with the different GoPro camera models. X = Yes, compatibile L = Limited compatibility Limited compatibility explanation There is limited compatibility for the LCD Touch BacPac with the HD HERO Original and HD HERO2 cameras. The LCD Touch BacPac touch interface does not work with these cameras, but you can control it just like you control your original LCD BacPac. The camera's Shutter button is used to select menu options, and the Power button is used to cycle through menu options. The Battery BacPac... Read More »

GoPro / Kolor Acquisition Frequently Asked Questions

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