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Video Tutorial – Pairing your HERO4 with the GoPro App

Learn the steps and tips on how to best pair your HERO4 camera with the GoPro App on your mobile device. Music: Broke for Free Golden Hour

Video Tutorial – Pairing your HERO4 and Windows Phone

Learn the steps to pairing your HERO4 and Windows Phone so you can connect and control your camera through the GoPro App.

GoPro App Common Questions

The following are answers to several common GoPro App questions: ​How do I change my password for my GoPro?Please follow the instructions on this page: http://gopro.com/support/articles/wi-fi-name-passwordHow close do I need to be to my camera? Why is preview not supported?​You should able to fully control your camera up 50ft. This will vary due to potential wireless congestion and the environment in which you are using the app.​ ​Why is preview not supported?​More often than not, this is the result of using a resolution that is too high to be played back... Read More »