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Preview and Recorded Video are Upside Down in the GoPro App

You may find that when previewing live video and recorded video with the GoPro App from a HERO3+ Silver Edition camera that the video is upside down and mirrored. If this occurs, try powering the camera on and off. This should correct the preview issue. If that does not work, try taking a single shot photo in order to correct the display.

How to Pair the Camera with the GoPro App

To pair your GoPro camera with the GoPro App, please follow these steps: Power on your camera. If you're using an HD HERO2 camera, with both units already powered on, attach the Wi-Fi BacPac to the HD HERO2 camera. Press the Wi-Fi button on the side of the HERO3/HERO3+ camera or Wi-Fi BacPac to go to the Wi-Fi menu. Note - you'll need to press the button two times if you're using the HERO3+ or HERO3 camera. If you have a HERO3/HERO3+ camera, select "GoPro App", or if you have an... Read More »

How to Resolve GoPro App Crashing or Freezing Issues

If the GoPro App crashes, freezes up, or closes unexpectedly, the following steps should help to resolve the problem: Force close the GoPro App and re-open it. Then check to see if the crashing or freezing still occurs. Force close other apps that may be running, but you are not using. This may free up memory on your mobile device and allow the GoPro App to run better. Restart your mobile device and then restart the GoPro App. Then check to see if the crashing or freezing still occurs. The GoPro... Read More »

How to Update Camera Software Wirelessly With the GoPro App

If you have updated your GoPro App to version 2.3 or greater, you now have the option to update your HERO4, HERO3+, Black Edition, or HERO3+ Silver Edition camera wirelessly directly from the GoPro App. There are 5 requirements in order to update GoPro camera software wirelessly, they are: You can only update HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras wirelessly. Earlier camera models cannot be updated in this way. If you have an earlier camera model, please visit the Software Update Page. You must be using a compatible mobile device. You must have... Read More »

Wireless Camera Software Update Questions

How long does it take to download a GoPro camera update with the GoPro App? This will vary based on the conditions present. If you have about 2.5 Mbps download speed, it will take about 80 seconds. Is there a cost to my cellular data plan? This will depend on your carrier and cellular data plan, so check with your carrier for specifics. The file is about 25 MB and will normally take around 80 seconds to download. Please note that the GoPro App default is automatically set for downloads to... Read More »

HERO3+ Resolutions Supported by GoPro App Preview (iOS and Android OS)

The following chart shows the supported video resolutions for video preview in the GoPro App. *If preview doesn't start using 960p, try using a different resolution such as: 1080p or 720p

How to Share GoPro Video to Social Sharing Apps

This article describes processes to share video to Instagram or other social sharing sites. If you want to share a file from the GoPro App Once photos or videos have been copied to the device’s native photo album the user can share the photos or videos through email, text, and social media sites instantly. Steps to access the files and how to share are below: iOS Go to the device’s photo album Select GoPro Album Select Thumbnail Select the share icon Select from the options available Android Go to 'My GoPro... Read More »

Unable to Delete 3D Files or Format an SD Card From the GoPro App

This is a normal, designed feature to eliminate the risk of loosing desired 3D footage. You can’t delete 3D files or format the SD card from the App. The trash can and formatting options will no longer be available in the App when connected to a Dual HERO System.

How to Turn the GoPro Photo of the Day into the Wallpaper on Your Mobile Device

What are you trying to do? Turn the GoPro Photo of the Day into mobile device wallpaper. Where does it apply? Android devices How to do it As of GoPro App version 2.4 it is possible to set the GoPro Photo of the Day as the wallpaper on a phone or tablet. Here is how to set the wallpaper: Step 1: Select Settings from the GoPro App Home page. Step 2: Change the GoPro Wallpaper to ON. Note: Go to Settings > "Accounts" or "Accounts & Sync" to ensure that sync... Read More »

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