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How Do I View My Camera's Battery Level in the GoPro App?

If you are connected to your camera you find the battery percentage level in the Settings menu. You can enter settings by pressing the wrench icon in the lower right of the Command and Control screen.

How to View, Copy, and Delete Media Using the GoPro App

The GoPro Media folder is a new feature allowing users to view, copy, and delete media on the SD card through the GoPro Wi-Fi connection between the GoPro App and the camera. View From the connect and control menu 1. Select the GoPro Media icon. All media on the SD card will be displayed here. 2. Select a thumbnail to view or playback in full screen. Copy From Full Screen View iOS Android 1. Select the download icon 2. Select the GoPro Album 3. Select the desired resolution 4. Select completed... Read More »

GoPro App - Will My Data Plan be Affected by Downloading Files From My Camera to My Phone?

No. Transferring files to your phone from your camera uses the camera's ad-hoc Wi-Fi network so your data plan will not be affected.

Choppy Video Playback on Mobile Devices

In some cases you may notice that video is choppy when playing back higher resolution videos that have been downloaded through the GoPro App and played back on a phone. Some phones can have a difficult time playing back high resolution video smoothly. If playback is choppy the actual video file is likely fine, it is just a playback issue on the specific phone and will likely play back smoothly on other players As a workaround, you can try using 1080-30 or downloading the low resolution videos instead. For more information,... Read More »

GoPro App - Where Do I see the GoPro Album After Saving a File To It?

The GoPro Album is in the same place where you access your other photo albums on your phone (Camera Roll, Gallery, etc.). Note: On some Android devices you may find that a separate GoPro Album is not created and the files are saved to the default Gallery.

Can You Edit Photos or Videos in the GoPro App?

No, but there are other apps which will allow this. For example, Instagram and Camera Roll will allow this. There are other apps as well, but we do not have any specific recommendations.

GoPro App Closes Unexpectedly

If you experience crashing or unexpected closing of the GoPro App, follow these steps to try and resolve the problem: Power your mobile device off and then on, then give it another try. If the issue persists and you are using an iOS device, skip to step 3. If you are using an Android device continue to step 2. If you are using an Android device, touch the wrench in the upper-right of the App. Select Preview Player and make sure that "Software Player" is enabled. If the app still crashes,... Read More »

How to share content from the GoPro App

Once photos or videos have been copied to the device’s native photo album the user can share the photos or videos through email, text, and social media sites instantly. Steps to access the files and how to share are below: iOS Android 1. Go to the device’s photo album 2. Select GoPro Album 3. Select Thumbnail 4. Select the share icon 5. Select from the options available 1. Go to the device’s photo album 2. Select GoPro Album 3. Select Thumbnail 4. Select the share icon 5. Select from the options... Read More »

GoPro App: Preview Window Flashes Green and/or Purple

When the camera preview window flashes green and/or purple, this means that preview has been lost temporarily. Don’t worry though… If camera control or preview is lost, the camera will remain in the last triggered state. This means that it will not stop recording if it was recording when the App’s connection was lost. This issue should be resolved with the latest version of the GoPro App, so make sure that you have updated. In order to properly use the latest version of the GoPro App, you will also need to... Read More »

What are the latest version numbers of the GoPro App?

The latest version numbers for the GoPro App are: iOS: 2.3.269 Android: 2.3.28