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Unable to Encode into the GoPro Cineform Codec with 3rd Party Applications

What's the issue? When using GoPro Studio 2.5 in Windows, it is not possible to encode into the GoPro Cineform Codec with a 3rd party program. This may have worked normally for you with previous Studio versions installed. Where does it apply? GoPro Studio Windows How to fix it This can be resolved using the following workaround: Download the file renderVFW.exe. Locate the following folder path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cineform\Tools​. Place renderVFW.exe into the Tools folder at the above location. The issue should now be resolved.

File Structure When Importing Using GoPro Studio Importer

GoPro Studio Importer will import pictures and videos in the file directory that was selected in the initial set up. GoPro Studio Importer will then save the files by the date they were taken, then by the camera that took the video and pictures, and then organize the media by type. An example file path can be seen below: Mac Windows Once all your clips are imported, you can then rename the date folder as the event name to make finding your videos/photos easier.

Tutorial Video - GoPro Studio Editing with a Template

Learn how to go from start to finish with your footage to create a great edit with GoPro Studio Templates.

HERO/HERO3+ Black Edition cameras are not importing through Mac 10.10.3

What's the issue? HERO and HERO3+ Black Edition cameras are not importing successfully either through GoPro Studio Importer or Image Capture and is reporting error "-9912". This is happening if the user has recently updated their Mac OS to 10.10.3. Where does it apply? GoPro Studio Importer HERO v. 1.07 HERO3+ Black v. 3.00 Mac OS 10.10.3 How to fix it At the moment, our engineers are looking into the issue on whether it is a camera firmware or OS issue. For the time being, you can use a microSD card... Read More »