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How to Install GoPro Studio 2.0 in Windows

This article details the process to download and install GoPro Studio 2.0 in Windows.  If you are using a Mac, please see this article for installation assistance:  How to Install GoPro Studio 2.0 on a Mac. Note: The screenshots shown in this article were taken using Windows 7. Other versions of Windows will be similar. Download GoPro Studio Step 1: Go to the GoPro Studio product page on the GoPro website. Step 2: At the bottom of the page choose your Operating System, enter your email address. Step 3: Click the... Read More »

Unable to Add Clips to Certain GoPro Studio 2.0 Templates

There are some specific cases in which a clip will not add to certain target areas in specific templates. One such template that displays this issue is Ocotillo Desert Lines. In this template the 21st slide will not accept certain clips. You cannot add a clip to this target area if the clip is either 30 fps or 60 fps. There may potentially be other templates that have this issue. If this occurs, there are a few options to get around the problem: Option #1:  If you are working with 30... Read More »

GoPro Studio is Running Poorly

If GoPro Studio is not running well on your computer, it may be due to your computer not meeting the minimum system requirements for GoPro Studio.  Here's how to find your computer's system specs.  You'll want to gather your: Computer Manufacturer and Model Operating System  Processor (aka CPU) RAM (aka Memory) Graphics card (aka GPU or display adapter) QuickTime version Mac: Click the “apple” icon in the top left corner of your screen, and then click “About this Mac”.  Next, click “More Info…”  This gives you everything but your QuickTime version.   To find... Read More »

Error: 'No DLLS were Found in the Waterfall Procedure' Occurs After Installing GoPro Studio

In some cases after installing GoPro Studio, other applications may report an error that states: "Error at loading if ippSP library - No DLLS were Found in the Waterfall procedure". If this occurs the solution is to browse to: C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and then remove these files: ippcore-6.1 ippj-6.1 ippjw7-6 .. 1 IPPS-6.1 ippvc-6.1  

How to Remove the CineForm Codec Status from the Status Bar

If you are using a Mac and you do not want to see the CineForm Codec Status on the status bar, here is how to remove it: Launch the Mac System Preferences. In the Other section, open GoPro. Note: If you have GoPro Studio installed and you see CineForm in this section instead of GoPro, follow these steps:  Go to Finder Select Go > Computer Browse toMacintosh HD > Library > PreferencePanes Remove Cineform.prefPane Return to Step 1 and start the procedure again. Uncheck the box next to 'Show Stereo Status... Read More »

Using GoPro Studio with Microsoft Surface Pro

If you are using GoPro Studio 2.0 with a Microsoft Surface Pro and are having crashing problems, you should be able to resolve the problem by installing the following driver for the Intel HD 4000 graphics adapter:  Intel HD 400 Graphics Driver. Note: Windows Update may not automatically find this update in some cases, you may need to go to the Intel site directly to get it.      

GoPro Studio Export Failure

 In some rare cases you may encounter an issue where exporting to an MP4 file fails in GoPro Studio.  If you run into this issue, the following steps should resolve the issue: Make sure that you have the latest version of GoPro Studio installed (currently version 2.0.1).  You can download the latest version here. Update your graphics card driver to the latest version available from the graphics card or computer manufacturers website.  If you already have the latest graphics card driver installed, please try reinstalling it. Make sure that there are... Read More »

How to Resolve GoPro Studio 2.0 Installation Issues on a Mac

If you are experiencing problems trying to install GoPro Studio, we should be able to help you out. The most common issue when installing GoPro Studio is to get a message stating "Install failed, contact the manufacturer".  If this occurs, give these steps a try: If you are using Mac OS X 10.6.8, make sure that you have installed the Apple Software Update Installer 1.0: http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1512.  Once this is installed, reboot and try and install Studio again.  If it still fails, proceed to step 2. Launch Disk Utility from the Mac Utilities folder. Select... Read More »

GoPro Studio 2.0.1 (Mac) - Known Issues

Updated 1/31/2014 Import Room (Step 1) Specific Known Issues: #1.  When switching from import to edit room, and then back to import room.  Studio will not remember last selected clip in import room.  Workaround: Reselect the clip in the Import room #2.  Advanced settings reset to defaults after deselecting then reselecting a clip. Working on new logic for how this behaves.  Fix to come in incremental release. #3.  Converting large numbers of files can potentially cause studio to crash.  Usually seen if trying to convert 100 or more files in one... Read More »

GoPro Studio 2.0.1 (Windows) - Known Issues

Updated 1/31/2014 Import Room (Step 1) Specific Known Issues: #1.  All .mov sources are not supported in Windows 8. #2.  Hero HD and Hero 2 3D Files not automatically pairing on Import. Workaround: Manually Pair files. To Manually pair files: Right click within the import new files bin and select "manually pair" A dialogue box will appear that will allow you to select the right and the left eye files. Browse to the appropriate files and press ok when finished. Edit Room (Step 2) Specific Known Issues: #1.  Certain unsupported fonts... Read More »