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'Find Missing File' or 'File Not Found' Window Appears in GoPro Studio

You can get either the "Find Missing File" or "File Not Found" window in GoPro Studio. This can be caused by one of a few different reasons: The file was moved. The file was renamed. The file was deleted. If the file was moved or renamed, you must find the file either in the new location or with the new name in the Find Missing File window. Then select the file and click Open. If the file was deleted, you will need to re-import the file with the same name. If... Read More »

How to Smooth Exposure Transition in Time-lapse Videos

There’s an option in the Advanced Settings menu that can be used for your time-lapse videos. On Windows this option is called: "Frame Blend (Motion Blur)". On Macs this option is called "Motion Blur". Selecting this option tells GoPro Studio to correct for the camera’s automatic exposure that can sometimes result in a flickering effect in time-lapse videos. This balances out exposure changes for a smooth transition from frame to frame.

Can I Replace the Default Audio in a GoPro Studio Template?

No, the default audio in a GoPro Studio template is fixed and cannot be moved or replaced. However if you really want to accomplish that effect, here is how you would do it: Lower the Audio Setting "LEVEL dB" to 0. Add your desired music track to the second audio track in the Storyboard. Note: Be careful when doing this as it may throw off the feel of the provided template as the template was created with the provided music track in mind.

Are GoPro CineForm files compatible with different editing applications?

Yes. GoPro CineForm files use standard AVI and QuickTime (MOV) wrappers. As long as a version of GoPro Studio is installed on a machine, all AVI or QuickTime applications will be able to use the CineForm files. Note: Apple's Final Cut Express and Color applications are not compatible with CineForm files because they do not support the ability to import 3rd party codecs. VLC does not support GoPro CineForm files because VLC only supports ‘open-source’ formats. When the GoPro CineForm codec becomes SMPTE standardized (in progress), it is likely that VLC... Read More »

Files in Edit Preview as Grey, Black and White, or Split Screen in GoPro Studio

If the Player Window displays your content as grey, black & white, or split screen (either vertically or horizontally), it is likely that the "View" selection was changed to one of the other options. The View mode should always be set to Left Eye expect when working with 3D video clips. For black and white video, it is also possible that the Saturation level in the Video Settings was turned down. If you did not mean to do this, just reset the Saturation by clicking in the word "Saturation" in the... Read More »

Can GoPro Studio Perform Multicamera Editing?

GoPro Studio currently uses only one video track. Because of this it does not support Multi-camera editing. This includes effects such as Picture-in-Picture or Chroma Keying (Green Screen). Of course you can use the source video from multiple camera's, but it will need to be edited in such a way that it is linear (one video, then the next), both source videos cannot occupy the same place in time.

Timecode is Displayed as Unexpected Values in GoPro Studio

In some cases you might see timecode displayed as unexpected values in the IN and OUT area of the preview window. By default, this timecode is generated from the time-of-day of the shot. For example, if the IN marker says 09:14:22:00, that is the time of day when the shutter button was pressed. This is used for syncing sources from multiple cameras and/or to keep track of shots if you are keeping a shot log. If you want the number to start at 00:00:00:00, open the application Preferences (GoPro Studio/Preferences...) and... Read More »

How Many Clips Can Convert at the Same Time in GoPro Studio?

The answer depends on how what type of computer you are using. Windows: The conversions occur sequentially. So one file must complete its conversion before another can begin. Mac: The number of conversions that can convert simultaneously is limited to the number of cores on your processor. So if you have 8 cores, you can process 8 videos at once. Tip: If you are running into problems while converting multiple files, try reducing the number of files that you are trying to convert.

How To Import 3D Video in GoPro Studio

The process for importing 3D video into GoPro Studio is as follows: Copy the “100M3D_R” and the “100S3D_L” folders from the DCIM folder on the SD card to a location on your computer. It is very important to place both these folders in the same location. For example, create a new folder on your computer that represets the event; for example, “bike ride” and then copy both the LEFT and RIGHT eye camera folders into that same folder. In the top folder (“bike ride”) you should see both “100M3D_R” and 100S3D_L”... Read More »

How Do I Start With a Completely Empty GoPro Studio Project?

There are a couple of ways to start with a new empty project in GoPro Studio. Method #1 From Step 2: Edit, click the Load Template button. This will open the Choose a Template window where you can either choose a GoPro Template or a Blank Template. Choose Blank Template to begin a new empty project. Method #2 Select File > New Project. This will open a completely new GoPro Studio Window. When you click on Step 2: Edit, it will automatically open the Choose a Template window where you can... Read More »