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Can GoPro Studio 2.0 Share to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc?

There is no option to upload and publish directly to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc, but you export video files from GoPro Studio and then upload them to the site of your choosing. In fact, GoPro Studio even has export preset specifically for YouTube and Vimeo which really simplify the process!

Can I Import Files into GoPro Studio 2.0 From iMovie or iPhoto?

Files processed through iPhoto or iMovie are modified by those applications to the point where GoPro Studio doesn’t properly recognize them as GoPro camera footage. The following problems could result: GoPro Studio might not recognize the file. The audio might get converted incorrectly. The audio might not get converted at all. Files should be copied from the camera’s SD card directly to the computer and then imported into GoPro Studio as explained in the user manual.

Can I Replace the Default Audio in a GoPro Studio 2.0 Template?

No, the default audio in a GoPro Studio template is fixed and cannot be moved or replaced. However if you really want to accomplish that effect, here is how you would do it: Lower the Audio Setting "LEVEL dB" to 0. Add your desired music track to the second audio track in the Storyboard. Note: Be careful when doing this as it may throw off the feel of the provided template as the template was created with the provided music track in mind.

Can I Create My Own Effects Preset in GoPro Studio 2.0?

Yes! You can create your own effects presets. Here is how: Select a clip and make all of the desired settings changes until the clip has your desired Look. In the Preset section in the lower-right corner, click the gear icon. This will open the Manage Presets window. Click the + sign in the lower-left corner of the Manage Presets window. Give the Preset a Name and then click OK. Your custom preset has now been added to the rest of the default presets.  

Playback of GoPro CineForm Files is Choppy in Windows Media Player

Depending on the CPU speed or drive bandwidth available on your computer, GoPro CineForm files may “stutter” when playing back in Windows Media Player or other Windows applications. Sometimes the audio will also play out of sync with the video. Fortunately the scalability of the GoPro CineForm codec’s wavelet-based compression is superior to other algorithms. GoPro CineForm files can decode to a lower resolution that lowers your CPU and drive bandwidth. This will usually overcome stuttering or out-of-sync playback problems. Using the GoPro CineForm Status Viewer icon in the Windows Task... Read More »

Where can I get the decoder for the GoPro CineForm codec?

The GoPro CineForm Decoder is included in GoPro Studio 2.0, which can be download for free at the GoPro Studio 2.0 Product Page.

How to Copy Effects From One Clip To Another in GoPro Studio 2.0

This article describes the process to copy effects from one clip in a Storyboard and apply it to another clip. Please follow this procedure: Make all of the desired setting changes to a clip so it has the desired look. In the lower-left corner of the clip click the "FX" triangle. It will receive a yellow outline.   Copy the FX. Press CRTL+C (Windows), Command+C (Mac), or select Edit > Copy. Select another other clip that you want to apply the same affects to. Paste the FX. Press CRTL+V (Windows), Command+V... Read More »

Can I Reverse My Video in GoPro Studio 2.0?

Yes, you can easily make your video play backwards in GoPro Studio. Simply select the clip that you want to play in reverse and then click the "Reverse" button in the Video Settings.

Can I Detach Audio From a Video Clip in GoPro Studio 2.0?

No, you cannot detach audio from a video clip in GoPro Studio. However, you can lower the audio so that it cannot be heard. There are a couple of ways to do this. Method #1: You can click the speaker icon in the lower-right corder of the Storyboard clip. Method #2You can select the clip and lower the Level dB audio setting to the far left.

Files in Edit Preview as Grey, Black and White, or Split Screen in GoPro Studio 2.0

If the Player Window displays your content as grey, black & white, or split screen (either vertically or horizontally), it is likely that the "View" selection was changed to one of the other options. The View mode should always be set to Left Eye expect when working with 3D video clips.   For black and white video, it is also possible that the Saturation level in the Video Settings was turned down. If you did not mean to do this, just reset the Saturation by clicking in the word "Saturation" in... Read More »