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Sequencing Multiple Clips in GoPro Studio 2.0

You can update to GoPro Studio 2.0 in order to sequence and edit your clips.  GoPro Studio 2.0 is free and can be found at the GoPro Studio Product Page.

Video Does Not Display in the GoPro Studio 2.0 Player Window

If your files are not properly displayed in the player window and instead preview as a black or a white screen, this article should help to resolve the issue. Verify that your system meets the Minimum System Requirements . If your system does not meet the minimum requirements, you will need to install on a computer that does meet the requirements for proper functionality. If your system does meet the requirements, then this generally indicates a graphics adapter problem. Check with your graphics adapter manufacturer and make sure that you have... Read More »

Why Does it Take So Long to Convert My Files in GoPro Studio 2.0?

Converting file from the default source format to the GoPro CineForm format is a CPU intensive process that will take some time. There are several factors that can affect how long this process takes: The length of the source video. Longer videos take longer to process. Your CPU speed plays an important role. The faster the CPU, the faster the conversion. Adding a speed change to the conversion will lengthen the process. Removing the Fisheye effect will lengthen the process. The Quality setting can affect how long it takes. If you... Read More »

How to Add Video to a GoPro Studio 2.0 Project

Before you can add a video file to your project, you must first convert that file to the CineForm format in Step 1: Import & Convert. You cannot start immediately in Step 2: Edit. Once you have converted your files, proceed to Step 2: Edit. If you just converted the files, your converted files will automatically show up in the Media Bin and you can just drag the files directly to the Storyboard. If you files you want to add are not yet in the Media Bin, follow these instructions: Click... Read More »

Is it Possible to Customize Provided GoPro Studio 2.0 Templates?

There is limited customization allowed in the provided GoPro Studio templates. The basic format and default audio track are fixed, you cannot edit these. Here is a listing of what you can do in the provided templates: Add your own content into the required video clip placeholders. Add your own content into the optional video clip placeholders. Add custom titles. Add additional audio to the secondary audio track.

How Do I Get More Templates for GoPro Studio 2.0?

Within GoPro Studio, in the top right-hand corner of the Template Selection Window, click on the "Download more here" link. This will take you to the webpage where you can select and download additional templates.

How Can I Access the GoPro Studio 2.0 Manual?

You can access the the GoPro Studio manual within GoPro Studio. Simply select Help > GoPro Studio Manual and a PDF version of the manual will be displayed.

Can GoPro Studio 2.0 Share to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc?

There is no option to upload and publish directly to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc, but you export video files from GoPro Studio and then upload them to the site of your choosing. In fact, GoPro Studio even has export preset specifically for YouTube and Vimeo which really simplify the process!

Where can I get the decoder for the GoPro CineForm codec?

The GoPro CineForm Decoder is included in GoPro Studio 2.0, which can be download for free at the GoPro Studio 2.0 Product Page.

When should i use an AVI versus an MOV file wrapper?

The Windows version of GoPro Studio converts files into either AVI or MOV files. As a general rule if you are using a Windows workflow you'll want to convert to GoPro CineForm AVI files and for a MacOS workflow you'll want to use the MOV wrapper.