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GoPro Studio - Available Now!

GoPro Studio software makes it easier than ever to create professional-quality videos with your GoPro content. We’ve taken our most popular videos and turned them into GoPro Edit Templates that help fast-track you to an incredible edit. The music, edit points, slow motion effects and more have been dialed—all you have to do is replace our video clips with yours. Or if you want to create your edits from scratch, you can do that too. Trim and mix clips. Adjust video playback speed for fast or slow motion. Add titles, music,... Read More »

How to Pan and Zoom in GoPro Studio

You can use Pan and Zoom on video in GoPro Studio using the Framing controls to change the composition of your clips. These controls are found in the Settings area. You will find controls for: Zoom Horizontal Vertical Rotation H.Zoom H.Dynamic To accomplish the Pan and Zoom effect you can follow this basic procedure: Select your desired clip. Adjust the Zoom setting until you are happy with how it looks. Adjust the Horizontal setting, Vertical setting, or both to move the image frame to the desired location. At this point you... Read More »

How to Rotate/Flip a Video in GoPro Studio

If you've taken a video upside down with your HD HERO camera, no worries. Flipping it back up is easy by using the free GoPro Studio 2.0 software.  Here's how to do so: 1.  import the files you want to rotate into GoPro Studio, by using the "Import New Files" button.  2.  Highlight the video that you want to rotate in the import file list on the left hand side.3.  Check off the "ROTATE/FLIP" box on the lower left hand side of the viewing screen.  This will rotate your video 180 degrees.Once you... Read More »

What are the Minimum System Requirements for GoPro Studio?

Here are the minimum system requirements for GoPro Studio: Minimum System Requirements   WindowsMac Operating System Windows® XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 Mac OS 10.6.3 or greater CPU Intel® Core 2 Duo™ Recommended: Intel Quad Core™i7 or better Intel® Dual Core™ Recommended: Intel Quad Core™ i7 or better Graphics Card1 Graphics card that supports OpenGL 1.2 or higher   RAM 2GBRecommended: 4GB or greater 2GBRecommended: 4GB or greater Hard Drive Minimum: 5400 RPM internal drive Recommended: 7200 RPM drive If external, USB 3.0 or eSATA Minimum: 5400 RPM internal drive Recommended: 7200 RPM drive.  If external, use Thunderbolt, USB 3.0,... Read More »

Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver Installation - Windows 7 & Vista

This article describes the process to properly install the device driver for the Wifi BacPac in Windows 7 and Vista.  If you connect a powered on Wi-Fi BacPac and GoPro Studio  does not show it in the Device Window, this article applies to you.  Step 1- Turn off User Account Control (UAC) Instructions for Windows 7 Instructions for Windows Vista   Step 2 - Confirm that the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed on your computer To check if the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed, follow the below... Read More »

Explaining GoPro Studio Export Options

GoPro Studio has several available export presets. You can choose the one that fits your particular need. Note: In the Windows version of GoPro Studio these presets create .mp4 files. In the Mac version of GoPro Studio, these presets create .mov files. YouTube - Creates an average quality file with a bit rate of 8Mbps. Vimeo - Creates an above average quality file with a bit rate of 15Mbps. Mobile Device - Creates a low quality file with a bit rate of 2Mbps. HD 720p - Creates an average quality file... Read More »

What Type of Media Files Can I Add to a GoPro Studio Project?

Step 1: Import & Convert The following formats can be imported into “Step 1: Import & Convert” and converted into GoPro CineForm files for use in “Step 2: Edit”. MP4 video files from the original HD Hero Original, HD Hero 2, HERO3, and HERO3+.
 MOV video files from Canon and Nikon DSLRs (except in Windows 8) 
JPG files from GoPro HD Hero, Hero 2 and Hero 3 cameras (.jpgs from other sources may work, but have not been tested nor are they officially supported) Step 2: Edit “Step 2: Edit” can... Read More »

GoPro Studio - Explanation of Advanced Settings in Import & Convert

These options are explained in great detail in the manual which you can find by going to Help > GoPro Studio Manual. This article contains a brief description of the Advanced Settings. In many cases you will not need to touch the advanced settings at all. However in some cases, especially if you plan on using your video files in 3rd party editors, you may find yourself making changes. Here are the Advanced Settings options and a brief description of what they do. Image Size: Use the Image Size setting to... Read More »

Missing Audio on a Video Clip in the GoPro Studio Storyboard

If you are not hearing audio in a clip in the Storyboard, this article should help to resolve the problem. There are a few reasons why you might not be hearing audio. First, make sure that you can hear audio in other applications to make sure that your system audio is working okay. If it is not working okay this needs to be addressed before you can hear audio in GoPro Studio. If the speed of the clip was adjusted up using the Speed Video Setting. This is normal. Clips have... Read More »

Working with Titles in GoPro Studio

This article describes how to work work with titles in GoPro Studio. How many titles can be added? GoPro Studio provides two title tracks. You can add as many titles to these tracks as you want. How to create a title To create a new title, simply click the Title button. Doing so will automatically add a new title to the Media Bin with the default text of "Title".   How to edit the title Since you most likely don't want a title that says "Title", you will want to customize... Read More »